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6 Dangerous Side Effects Of Almonds

Dangerous Side Effects Of Almonds

Almonds are basically the fruits of the deciduous trees whose leaves fall every year. It was found in the parts of North Africa and Asia. Almonds have an outer coating, instead of being it a fleshy pulp. There is a hardened pit under the shell that is dark in color almost similar to the pit from the freestone peach. The sweet almonds are also processed into some kinds of essential extracts or oils. The extract from almond is used as a recipe as diabetic-safe. These sweet almonds are roasted and then turned into chunks or slivers some kinds of textures in puddings or ice creams. Apart from having many benefits of almonds, there lies some side effects too.

Here Are 7 Side Effects Of Almonds:

Weight Gain

Consumption of a huge amount of almonds triggers the gain of weight. It is recommended to serve about 1 oz. of almonds as they are very much high in fats as well as calories. One pound of weight is gained if 3000 calories are consumed apart from what is burnt, so if you add only about 400 calories in the diet every day for one week makes to gain weight.

Weight Gain

Medical Interactions

Almonds has very high amount of manganese. Every 1 oz. of almonds gives about 0.5 mg of manganese. Actually this a nice thing but only under normal conditions, it is needed 1.6 to 2.2 mg every day in order to make the body function correctly. If a huge amount of almonds are consumed, especially over a diet based on manganese rich, this can also lead to drug interactions.

Medical Interactions

Overdose of Vitamin E

Consuming almonds daily helps to get vitamin E that helps in offering the protection of antioxidant. For every one ounce of almonds, 7.3 mg of Vitamin E is gained which is approximately half of the amount that is actually needed every day.

Almonds (2)

Gastrointestinal Problems

About an ounce of consuming almonds comprises of 3.4 g of fiber which is the contributed amount that is needed every day for preventing constipation and diarrhea. Consuming huge amounts of almonds causes abdominal bloating.



Bitter almonds should not be consumed as it comprises of poisonous chemical known hydrocyanic acid. Some serious kinds of side effects might occur like slow functioning of nervous system, problems in breathing, and also death. Some say that it is safe in consuming the bitter almonds. Some people use the bitter almonds as the natural agent for treating cancer.

Risk of Toxins

Almond trees are also found in Europe, Asia, North Africa and America. The grocery stores carry the raw almonds in cooking purposes, for snacking they use roasted almonds and ground almonds in preparation of pastes, chopped almonds in garnishing as well as salads. Cholesterol are present in Almonds in very good form, and is also treated with the smoked salts or any other kinds of savory flavors. Consumption of high amount of almonds by the people who are on diet is not good as it will lead to high amount of fiber and fats in their body and this will result in gaining unnecessary weight. So, consume almonds in a controlled amount.

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