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6 Dangerous Side Effects Of Cardamom



Dangerous Side Effects Of Cardamom

Cardamom is a native spice to Sri Lanka and South India. This spice is also been widely used in Ayurveda to heal various ailments. It has a special aroma and rich taste which makes it popular ingredient in tea and sweet foods. There are loads of health benefits of consuming Cardamom. It has strong antioxidant property and acts as an efficient detoxification agent. Cardamom has been used as a beneficial ingredient in preparation of medicines to treat digestion issues, constipation, intestinal spasms, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), gallbladder problems and inefficient liver. Not many people are aware that this wonderful spice can prove to be destructive when consumed in large amounts.

In This Article, We Are Going To See At Seven Side Effects Of Cardamom

1. Allergies

Excess of intake of Cardamom is seen to cause allergies in the body. If one consumes cardamom in large amounts for few months to years then they may have to face unexplained allergic reactions in the body. One of the skin allergies such as contact dermatitis in which skin rashes are formed on the body is highly observed in people. Some other symptoms can be hives and tightness in throat can occur if their body is overly sensitive towards cardamom.

Skin Allergies

2. Gallstone Complications

Excessive consumption of cardamom can result into formation of gallstones. As per the recent studies performed on cardamom it is revealed that the digestive system fails to completely absorb cardamom and causes sedimentation of unabsorbed seeds within the bodies. This leads to formation of gallbladder stones in the body. If one already has been suffering from this problem then they should abstain from consuming it. Gallbladder stone patients should strictly avoid it at all costs otherwise it would cause them intense pain, infection and bleeding in gall bladder.


3. Drug Interactions

Many of the people are unknown of this fact that cardamom has a tendency to react to a few medicines. It is not considered very safe when it comes to interaction with other medicines. This herb is found to react with some medications that can lead to serious health troubles in the body. Avoid eating in any form if you are taking these medicines: HIV drugs, Liver medicines, Anticoagulants, Aspirin, Antidepressants, Gallstone medicines, Anti-platelet drugs and Irritable bowel syndrome medicines. It is better to take advice from your doctor if you have been taking medication.


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4. Swelling Of Skin

If your body is sensitive to cardamom then you must not include it in your diet as it can harm your skin. Studies have revealed that cardamom causes swelling of the skin that is further accompanied by painful sensations in various people. This condition is aggravated in the winter season.


5. Nausea And Vomiting

Nausea is also one of the side effects that are brought by over consumption of the seeds of cardamom. If you are experiencing discomfort and change of taste then it could be due to excess of intake of cardamom. If you are experiencing vomiting sensation without any possible reasons then excessive cardamom content in the body can be one of the reasons behind it.


6. Respiratory Troubles

More than permissible quantities of cardamom cause you difficulty in breathing, pain and tightness in chest, shortness of breath and other moderate to chronic respiratory issues.

Respiratory troubles

So these are the some of the adverse health consequences of over-consumption of cardamom. Include this amazing herbal spice in optimum amounts to freely enjoy its taste and health benefits.


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