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6 Effective And Prominent Home Remedies For Treating Amenorrhea


6 Effective And Prominent Home Remedies For Treating Amenorrhea

In medical terminology, amenorrhea may be termed as the absence of menstrual bleeding which has been further divided into two types – primary and secondary.

Primary amenorrhea – In this case, the particular girl will not menstruate by the age of 14 or 16 but is showing secondary sexual characteristics like growth in the pubic hair.

Secondary amenorrhea – This is more complex case when a girl starts menstruating but it suddenly fails for 3-4 months on continuous basis.

Some of the common symptoms of amenorrhea are headaches, hair loss, disturbed sleep, complete absence of menstrual periods, nipple discharge, vaginal dryness, androgen level increase, galactorrhea and night sweats.

Causes of Amenorrhea

When it comes to potential causes of amenorrhea, you will find that most of the cases are related to ovarian causes, hypothalamic causes, functional causes and pituitary causes. It has often been seen that this health ailment in the secondary stage becomes dangerous and fatal which will need immediate medical attention.Top home remedies for amenorrhea are as follows.

1. Saffron

Due to anti-oxidant properties of saffron, it can be taken multiple times in a day to suppress the symptoms of amenorrhea. Anxiety levels will automatically down in women and they will definitely sleep with peace in night. This will further increase the chances of regularizing the periods and menstrual cycle in young girls.
For this, you will have to mix saffron in water and boil it on the medium falme. Just cool the mixture and take if 3-4 times on daily basis which will definitely show good and appreciable results.



2. Lemon Balm

Menstrual related problems in girls and women have long seen constant rise in the herbal solutions which cannot be considered complete without the use of lemon balm. You will certainly get medical benefit as it helps the women to get across the irregular menstrual cycle and menstrual cramps.

Lemon balm

3. Fenugreek

Fenugreek is also considered as a good dose for women who are facing problems and health ailments related to reproduction, milk production and menstrual cycle irregularity. There is no denying the fact that fenugreek is also useful in eliminating the menstrual cramps, pain and alleviating the symptoms of amenorrhea.


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4. Weight Control and Management

Rapid rise and fall in weight of women in the younger age also results in the increase in anxiety level thus; women should prefer more about the weight control regimes and programs. Having closer look at the weight index will certainly prove beneficial in the alleviation of amenorrhea. Regular exercises and strict intake of balance diet will give you a favor in due course so that you can act positively while suffering from amenorrhea.

Weight control and management

5. Angelica Root

Because of its ayurvedic and herbal values, tea or juice made for angelica juice can be considered beneficial for women, which induces a great sort of menstruation. No doubt, you should take it on regular basis either in tea or in the form of paste which is to be rubbed on the abdomen to experience rapid comfort.

Angelica root

6. Change in Food Habits and Diet Program

Of course, intake of food and balanced diet in life affects the health and reduces the chances of unwanted medical consequences. There has been rapid rise in the knowledge level of younger women about how to tackle with increasing cases of amenorrhea and menstrual bleeding. This is what requires you to include some of the best food stuffs such as bitter gourd, papaya, ginger and sesame seeds which can ultimately result in better and regular menstruation.

Change in food habits and diet program

Other important home remedies include balanced intake of tomato, cinnamon, sweet fennel, blue cohosh, chastberry and false unicorn. These home remedies can help you to fight against the most complicated and genetic complications of the amenorrhea so that you remain fit, healthy and sexually active.

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