6 Gentle Yoga Poses And Know Their Amazing Health Benefits


Gentle Yoga Poses

Are you a beginner for the Yoga poses? If it is yes then gentle yoga poses are best for you. These yoga poses needs less effort to perform, thus they are easy to perform especially when you are in a beginner stage. So, try to perform these gentle yoga poses in your home. If needed you can take help of an instructor to do the poses correctly.

In this topic I am trying to explain each the poses elaborately so that you can perform the poses without help of any body. These poses are mainly the basic poses which have lots of benefits for your body.

Here Are The 6 Gentle Yoga Poses And Know Their Amazing Health Benefits:

Tree Pose:

Tree pose is one of the gentle yoga poses that you can perform without the help of any instructor. First stand on your feet keeping your spine straight like the mountain pose. Now fold your left leg at your knee and put your feet in the groin area of the other leg. Now stretch both of your hands to maintain the balance of your body.

Tree Pose

Now keep your hands upright on your head. Keep your palms joined and hold this pose for 10-15 seconds. Increase the balance by performing this pose regularly. This pose helps you in strengthening the leg muscles.

Locust Pose:

Locust pose is known as Salabhasana in Sanskrit. To do this particular pose first lay straight on the floor putting your face downward with the floor. Your hands should lie beside your body facing the palms upward. Now slowly try to uplift your upper body part from the floor as well as the lower body part. Only the middle part of your body will touch the floor and try to keep your body balance with the abdomen portion.

Locust Pose

Hold the pose for about 10-15 seconds and it needs a repeat performance. This pose is very good for the women as it helps in the problem of irregular menstrual cycle. It is very good for strengthening the muscles of upper body part.

Camel Pose:

If you want perform some gentle pose then Camel pose is the superb pose for you. This pose has lots of health benefits for you as it strengthens the back muscles in a healthy way. First sit on the ground on your knees. Now bend your body in backward direction and stretch your hands to touch your toes. Also bend your head backward so that your body forms a perfect arch.

Camel Pose

Hold the pose for 10-20 seconds and breathe properly. Release it after the specified time and perform it again. Regular practice of this pose keeps your body toned and gives you flat abs in few days.

Plough Pose:

Plough pose is another gentle pose for you which are very easy to do. Here are the steps to perform the plough pose. Lay straight on the floor keeping both of your leg stretched and keep your hands beside your body. Now slowly raise both of your legs from the floor and keep them upright.

Plough PoseNow bend your legs over your head and try to touch the ground opposite side of your head with your feet. Rest your hands beside your body and hold the pose for 15-20 seconds. Repeat it once again. Plough pose effectively reduces belly fat, ideal for neck pain and keeps your back muscles strong.

Hands To Feet Pose:

It is another gentle pose to do at your home. Hands to Feet Pose provide lots of health benefits to you. Stand on the floor keeping both of your legs together. Then try to bend the upper body part at your waist forward by stretching both of your hands to touch the ground but do not bend your knees.

Hands To Feet Pose

Keep your elbows little folded and also keep your palms under the feet. Keep your legs straight and hold this pose for 10-15 seconds. A repeat performance is needed. This pose keeps your body toned by trimming the extra fat from the middle portion of your body. This pose is ideal for to have healthy hamstrings.

Child Pose:

Child pose is another gentle pose and it is good for preventing hair fall problem in a natural way. It is also good for the muscles of your leg. Kneel down on the floor keeping both the knees must be apart from each other.

Child Pose

Try to sit on your legs and keep in mind that your toes must be towards outer direction. Now slowly bend the upper body part in front of you so that your fore head touch the ground. Stretch your hands backward keeping the palms upside. Hold the pose for 15 seconds and then repeat it.


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