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6 Great Yoga Poses For Menopause

Great Yoga Poses For Menopause

Menopause strikes every women and for a few it comes in smoothly not effecting their daily lives at all, but for some it takes a toll on their health and can set the hormones on a toss. A balanced diet and proper exercising habits can help in dealing with this change. This phase had to be dealt sensibly and yoga can be one of the ways of dealing with menopausal symptoms like hot flashes, anxiety, irritability, insomnia and more.

Let Us See These Yoga Poses That Helps Alleviate Problems During Menopause:

Bridge Pose

Lie on your back with hands on your sides. Bend your knees with feet near the hips. Now raise your pelvis upwards while inhaling. Feet should be pressed against the ground and care should be taken not to hurt the back. Hold your breathe in this position and stay for as long as comfortable, then go back while exhaling.

Bridge Pose

This yoga pose stretches the spine and and releases stress from the back and can be helpful in treating menopausal symptoms of anxiety and pain.

Downward Dog-pose

Kneel on all fours. Push out your pelvis while exhaling and the knees and hands should be straight. Hold on this position for 10-15 seconds. Do not lock your knees. Now back to original position. Repeat 10 times.

Downward Facing Dog Pose

This pose releases all the obstructed hormones and gives a sense of relief and calm. The period cycle is regulated and problems like anxiety and insomnia can be cured.

Seated Forward Bend Pose

In this pose we have to sit with our legs stretched out and spine erect. Now inhale and bend forward elongating the torso and try touching the tips of the feet with your hands, without bending the knees. Slowly with practice you will be able to touch the tip of your feet. Now stay in this position for a while like 1-3 minutes. Exhale and back to start.

Forward Bend Pose

Repeat 10 times. Depression and sleeplessness can be cured by practicing this technique regularly. It calms a distracted mind and works on the pelvis and hamstrings.

Upward Dog Pose

Lie on your back with your feet hip width apart. Hands should be on the sides next to the shoulders. Inhale and lift the upper body, stretching your spine and hands. The hands should be firmly grounded and you will feel the pull on your back and hand muscles as you rise and draw the shoulders straight. Do not bend the elbows. Breathe in this position for a count of 5. Now exhale and go back to start. Place the arms on your sides. Turn head right and take 3-4 breathes, now turn head left and repeat the same. Repeat this circle again. Hot flashes and restlessness can be treated with these poses, and it provides a stretch to the whole body, relaxing the muscles and cures headaches.

Upward dog pose

Child Pose

Sit on your buttocks with legs beneath your thighs and soles touching your hips. Stretch out your hands up in the air, inhale and bend forward stretching your spine and elongating the body to touch the floor. The forehead should touch the ground and the hands on the sides, stretching over to the floor. Stay in this position for a while. This pose stretches the limbs, and torso, releasing anxiety, and all the pent up feelings in the body and cures uterine problems.

Balasana Or Child’s Pose

Breathing Pose

Sit in a calm and peaceful environment with legs folded and hands on your knees. Try deep breathing. Inhale deeply and expel out feeling the air gush out of your lungs totally. Feel the belly moving in and out with every breathing movement. Repeat this cycle at least 10 times and experience your mind, spirit and body relax.

Deep breathing

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