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6 Healthy Lunch And Dinner Foods For Teenagers

Teenagers are quite notorious for the eating habits and their cravings for unhealthy junk food. They love what tastes delicious without bothering about the health factors. However, parents are always worried about the nutrition a teenager gets during their growing and development years. Proper nutrition is essential to help teenagers fight diseases and have a healthy life. There are several homemade meals which can be prepared at home, which will be loved by teenagers and will add to their nutrition count too.

Here Are 6 Delicious Healthy Lunch And Dinner Foods For Teenagers:

1. Mushrooms And Radicchio Burger

A delicious, tasty lean beef burger which will provide 30% iron requirement for your child. Burgers are always appreciated by teenagers and they are surely going to love this. It is also rich in protein and fiber which are essential for growing years. Shiitake mushrooms taste delicious and are rich in antioxidants. Mushrooms also help in managing cholesterol levels in the body.

Mushrooms and Radicchio Burger

2. Hummus

Kids are not usually fond of vegetarian food but hummus is preferred by almost everyone. Hummus is a delicious chickpea puree with rich sources of magnesium and iron. It is low in fat. You can spread this nutritious hummus on whole pita bread or brown bread. It is a great lunchtime food or can be served with snacks instead of unhealthy fat dips and sauces.


3. Tuna Wrap

Crunchy tuna wrap tastes excellent and is full of nutrition. This makes a great menu item for teenagers parties too. If you serve it with Greek yogurt, this salad turns even tastier and healthier. Celery stalk, roasted red peppers, yogurt, lemon juice, baby spinach and whole wheat wrap provide much-needed nutrition for youngsters. This makes a filling meal which is not loaded with added cholesterol or extra fat. Tuna wrap can be served as lunch or as a light dinner.

Tuna Wrap

4. Spinach And Strawberry Salad

A healthy salad can be a healthy start to the day or as a light dinner menu.If your teenager is not fond of spinach or other green salads, here is a scope to bring a change in taste. Strawberries will add sweetness and a change in taste of the salad. You can add your regular vegetables but adding strawberries is going to make the difference. Strawberries are loaded with antioxidants which help teenagers stay healthy and offers much-needed support to fight infections and diseases.

Spinach and Strawberry Salad

5. Stuffed Poblanos

Fiber is an essential part of our healthy living as it keeps our digestion healthy and helps the body get rid of all unnecessary toxins and waste material. Stuffed poblanos with barley is a healthy food for teenagers which they will surely love. They look delicious and are quite filling and nutritious too. The dish offers almost 30% calcium requirements for the body with white cheddar cheese. Calcium is much needed during growing years. Chili powder is generally added which enhances the taste and kick start metabolism too. This can be packed as their lunch too and makes a wonderful party menu item too.

Stuffed Poblanos

6. Brown Rice Bowl With Delicious Turkey

This meal is considered to be super lean with a very little quantity of saturated fat. It offers one-fourth of the daily requirement of vitamin 6 for the body. The nutrients boost the immunity system of the body. It contains low quantity of sugar too. Other ingredients like toasted sesame seeds, scallions, and baby spinach add to the nutrition and enhance its taste at the same time. This makes a healthy lunch option.

Brown Rice Bowl With Delicious Turkey

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