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6 Home Remedies For Cracked Corners Of Mouth


Cracking of corners of the mouth occurs due to inflammation. Due to this, there is dryness and sensitive sores along with chapping of the skin around the mouth. There can be a formation of red lesions. This problem affects only the corner part of the mouth on the lips and not the entire area. The condition is also known as angular cheilitis. If you have this problem, you should avoid touching the affected area with fingers. Take help of home remedies to get relief. We will suggest some easy remedies here. Use our tips and remedies to heal the skin around the lips and mouth and get relief from the condition.

Following Are The 6 Home Remedies For Cracked Corners Of The Mouth.

1. Use Olive Oil

Olive oil helps in making the lips and the skin around it very soft and moisturizer. Use olive oil to heal dry and cracked corners of the mouth. For this, apply the oil on affected areas around the mouth over the dry skin.[1]

Olive Oil

2. Use Vaseline

Petroleum jelly is another effective remedy against dryness and cracking of skin around the lips and mouth. For this, you should apply Vaseline around the mouth and lips. It will make the skin soft.[2]


3. Use Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter helps in healing dry and chapped lips and mouth. Apply the cocoa butter around the mouth and lips. Rub it generously. You can buy the cocoa butter from beauty stores in your city.[3]

Cocoa Butter

4. Use Cucumber Juice

Cucumber is useful for fighting the problem of angular cheilitis. For this, extract the juice of cucumbers. Drink the juice. Also, use it externally by applying it on the skin over the affected areas around the mouth and lips.[4]

Use Cucumber Juice

5. Use Yogurt

Sometimes, yeast infection causes cracking of mouth corners. This fungal infection occurs due to antibiotics and stress. You can use yogurt to heal this problem. For this, you should take yogurt inside the mouth and do swishing with it. The live bacteria culture in the yogurt helps in healing the infection and the cracking of the mouth.[5]


6. Use Lip Balm

If the lips and mouth have become dry and cracked, you must use lip balm to heal the skin. Apply the lip balm on lips and the area around the mouth. For this, you should use a beeswax lip balm. It will help in making the skin soft.[6]

Use Lip Balm


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