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6 Natural Ways To Cure Brain Hemorrhage



Ways To Cure Brain Hemorrhage

Brain Hemorrhage or commonly known as cerebral haemorrhage is a critical medical condition which is mostly solved by surgical methods and other western medical facilities. A brain haemorrhage, also called a stroke occurred when any of the arteries in the brain gets blocked which subsequently resulted in bursting and bleeding in the surrounding areas. Bleeding in the brain can kill brain cells and it may have resulted in the death of a person. Brain Hemorrhage can be caused by high blood pressure, diabetes, clots, smoking or a tumour in any parts of the brain. Brain Hemorrhage can leave the patient partially paralyzed. Research says the traditional medicines can be very helpful in treating Brain Hemorrhage. Some natural remedies prepared at home and available from nature can slow down the bleeding and minimize the pain after a stroke.

Natural Ways To Cure Brain Hemorrhage

1. Herbal Plants

Cayenne pepper, a kind of red pepper can stop external bleeding like Brain Hemorrhage. Frequent use of this spice will protect and prevent the risk of a stroke as it improves the blood movement in the body, including the brain. A daily inclusion of this spice in your cooking will work as a great medicine to your brain. This herbal cooking formula can be applied for one to two-weeks time to get rid of the brain haemorrhage.

Herbal Plants

2. Fish Oils

According to research, fish oil helps in the thinning of the blood and improves circulation. For those who are vegetarian can consume DHA, a kind of omega-3 fatty acid, a structural component of our brain. Krill oil, a kind of fish oil which is highly expensive is also known to be good for the brain as it contains omega-3 fatty acids and other necessary compounds help in the functioning of the human brain. Daily consumption of fish oil for a period of two weeks can help in solving the problem of a brain haemorrhage.

Fish Oils

3. Ginkgo Biloba

The extracts from Ginkgo biloba, one of the oldest species of trees can effectively treat brain Hemorrhage. It can improve blood circulation and thin of the blood, thereby allow more oxygen to our brain tissue. It is taken to repair brain damage after a stroke. Research has proved that it can minimize the effects of a stroke; hence the person affected with brain haemorrhage can be suggested to apply this remedy.

Ginkgo Biloba

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4. B Vitamins And Stroke

Daily intake of vitamin B supplement can reduce the risk of a second stroke. The vitamin B supplement is a combination of vitamins B9 B6, and B12, which can reduce the level of amino acid in the blood, a contributing factor to heart disease. Vitamin B can prevent any sort of cardiac attack, including a stroke.  Also it helps the patients to get rid of depression in the aftermath of a stroke. Vegetables contain vitamin B can also significantly prevent a Brain Hemorrhage.

B Vitamins And Stroke

5. Healing Crystal

Magnet therapy is believed to be very powerful when it comes to recovery after a stroke. It helps in the proper circulation of blood flow in the body by allowing minerals to spin in the blood.  The crystal Melanite, a great remedy for stroke can be used as a liquid or can be applied to the forehead.

Healing Crystal

6. Take Up Yoga

Yoga needs no introduction; it is an age-old remedy for all types of diseases. Post-stroke, a person should perform yoga regularly and do the deep breathing exercises as much as he can. These are the Ayurvedic techniques which will tremendously help in blood circulation as well as oxygen flow in all parts of our body including the brain. Performing yoga on a regular can increase your brain power and solve the problem related to a brain haemorrhage.

Take Up Yoga


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