6 Plants That Can Be Used To Repel Mosquitoes Easily

Plants That Can Be Used To Repel Mosquitoes Easily

Mosquito bite is so dangerous, there are many diseases which can be trap us, there are many creams and liquid machines are available to repel the mosquitoes, but all of them have harmful content in it, that also have the harmful effect on the body. There are some plants that repel the mosquitoes, they have the smell which is unpleasant for the mosquitoes, so we can use these plants to repel the mosquitoes easily without any problems to the health.

Here Is The List Of Some Of Them:

1. Citronella:

Citronella grass is perennial clumping grass, that is very easy to grow any where and its oil works effectively as a mosquito repellent, that can be obtained from citronella grass. You can apply citronella oil to your skin, its helps in keeping mosquito away from your body, as its powerful scent contains lactic acid and carbon dioxide which cannot be sensed by mosquitoes. There are varieties of mosquito repellent product present in many form such as lotion, spray, candles that act against mosquitoes.


2. Lemon Balm:

Lemon balm is a fast growing plant belong to mint family, it has the capacity to repel mosquitoes, all you need to do is to hang lemon balm plant on your outdoors for some days, it helps in trapping the mosquito. Its oil is beneficial to reduce pain of insect sting on skin as well as you can also apply lemon balm oil on your skin that helps in keeping away the mosquitoes or any other insect away from your body.

Lemon Balm

3. Marigolds:

Marigolds are environmentally friendly, beautiful flower that can be grown every where without doing so much effort. Marigold flowers are loaded with a amazing compound called pyrethum, which is used in various types of mosquito and insect repellents. Place marigold plant near entrance of your room to keep them blood sucking mosquitoes or insects, white flies and tomato horn worms.


4. Basil:

Basil releases strong scent, because it contains estragole, which is responsible for its strong aroma that deviates the sensors of mosquito and other insects by reducing their efficiency to detect target. You can simply rub basil leaves all over your skin to keep away blood sucking mosquito from your body. There are different varieties of basil present in market, you can use Peruvian basil, cinnamon basil and lemon basil for best results, because these plant emit the strongest smell.


5. Lavender:

Lavender is an amazing fragrant herb, that has many health benefits and we used it in different forms. Lavender oil is used as mosquito repellent agent. Mosquitoes do not like the smell of lavender, so place the lavender plant in your garden, outside of your door and the area where so many mosquito are there. Take 7 to 10 drops of lavender essential oil in spray bottle, along with distilled water and citrus oil, spray this combination in your bed room, as it cleanses the area and kill all  germs, bacteria and keep the mosquitoes away from your room.


6. Peppermint:

Peppermint is a natural herb, which is used by people all over world, if you are feeling irritation on the skin due to mosquito bite, you can simply get relief by applying peppermint juice on the affected area for 10 to 15 minutes. It also makes your skin soft. Peppermint oil are loaded with anti itch properties, it helps in getting relief from the insect string and bites, when added with a camphor.


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