6 Powerful Ways To Boost Your Magnesium Levels



Boost Your Magnesium Levels

Magnesium is one of the most important, mostly overlooked mineral everyone need. Magnesium supports many vital functions in the body. It serves as a foundation to good health and prevents from a pile of health conditions. From strengthening muscles, good sleep, healthy and balanced to supporting every tissue in the body, magnesium protects health. Many people are critically deficient of magnesium levels, without awareness. How to increase magnesium? While there are plenty of magnesium rich foods, a combination approach really helps.

Here Is The List Of 6 Powerful Ways To Boost Your Magnesium Levels In The Body:

1. Include Magnesium Rich Foods:

Magnesium deficiency begins with low intake of magnesium rich foods. Magnesium is rich in nuts and seeds. Include a handful of nuts in the daily diet help you get the adequate magnesium. Some of the nuts include, almonds, cashew, brazil nut, pine nuts, etc. Soak nuts for 12 hours and eat. Otherwise, while your magnesium level increase, zinc level will drop. Other foods include molasses, kelp, buck wheat, dulse, dark chocolate etc.

Most of the nutrients work together with other nutrients in a beautiful collaboration. Every vitamin and mineral need each other support to get absorbed into the body. For instance, Calcium needs Vitamin D for absorption. Similarly to absorb magnesium, you need vitamin B, vitamin D and vitamin E. Eat nutritious diet to get enough vitamins which naturally absorbs required magnesium from what you eat.

Rich Foods

2. Sugar And Salt Wastes Magnesium Level In The Body:

Not everyone go on erroneous diet that doesn’t feed magnesium. In fact there are many things that affect and wastes magnesium. The major elements are sugar and salt. Intake of high amount of sugar or salty foods rips off the magnesium level in the body. Although you take sufficient or high dose of magnesium rich foods, it may be insufficient when you overload on salt and sugar or anyone.

Sugar And Salt

3. Destress:

While Magnesium is one of the core nutrients that help you stay in balanced mood, prolonged stress and mood swings works reversely. It affects the magnesium intake and absorption, which leads to magnesium deficiency. Stick to any exercise routine, yoga or do meditation along with rhythmic breathing exercises to balance your emotions.


4. Cut Down On Gluten Foods:

Too much gluten intake leeches out the magnesium level in the body. Gluten is rich in whole grains. Especially, if you have gluten intolerance your body may never absorb magnesium from the foods. Avoid gluten foods to increase magnesium content.

Gluten Foods

5. Take Bath In Epsom Salt:

What’s the connection with magnesium and Epsom salt? Epsom salt is richest source of magnesium. There is a strong and direct link between muscles, pain, Epsom salt and magnesium. People who suffer from muscle pain are often recommended to take bath in Epsom salt, owing to its magnesium content. Yes, magnesium is the natural pain reliever, which also aids in strengthening the muscles. Epsom salt bath enables quick absorption of magnesium into a skin.

Epsom Salt

6. Fresh Green Juices:

Okay, this may sound kind of not comforting! Not many love to drink green juices, taken from vegetables. When you cook foods, or constantly take cooked foods, you obviously lack magnesium. Magnesium retains its efficacy in fresh and raw foods, especially in fresh vegetables and greens. Juice your greens and increase the dose of magnesium.

Green Juices

These are some easy but powerful ways to increase magnesium levels in the body. Adequate magnesium prevents a lot of health disorders in a long run.


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