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6 Serious Side Effects Of Prunes



6 Serious Side Effects Of Prunes

Diet is very significant in the mental and physical development of a person. Fruits make a very significant part of a well-balanced diet. Prune is one of those beneficial fruits for your health. Juice of prune is very vital for your health especially in the treatment of constipation in infants, young and adults! Prune is a fruit which belongs to the family of plum and are widely sold in the form of dried fruits. Prune is a great laxative which acts as an efficient cure to various types of illnesses.

The delicious flavour of prunes adds wonderful taste in sweet as well as savoury dishes including soups and cakes. Though prunes are healthy for your health and keep several diseases at bay but should be consumed in moderate amounts. Intake of prunes can aggravate the symptoms of some already existing health problems. Excess of this wonder fruit can also cause several health issues.

In This Article We Will Look At Six Serious Side Effects Of Prunes:

1. Contains Acrylamide

Prunes consists a high amount of acrylamide in them. Acrylamide consists of carcinogen and neurotoxin which are harmful for the body.

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2. Risk Of Diarrhoea

Intolerance towards fructose in diet is seen in various people. This situation leads to severe excruciating pain in the abdominal region which takes the form of diarrhoea and stomach cramps. Prune is a fruit that consists of plenty of sugar that can initiate such health issue. Those people who do not exhibit such intolerance can also suffer from diarrhoea on its consumption. Presence of sorbitol makes them an effective and natural laxative agent that can also lead to the occurrence of diarrhoea.


3. Large Amount Of Calorie

Prune is considered to be rich in calories. 100 grams of its consumption would give you 240 kilo calories of energy. Those who want to shed weight or suffering from sugar related problems must stop consuming this fruit. The high amount of calories you consumed by eating this fruit changes into fat and can invite various ailments.

Good For Reducing Belly Fat

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4. Experiencing Gas And Bloating In The Intestine

Prunes have got complex sugars and carbohydrates in it that makes them hard to break down during the digestion process. So when these carbohydrates and sugars reaches colon, the bacteria begin to feed on such undigested sugar and carbohydrates. It leads to formation of gas and bloating in the intestine. This causes a very serious condition that needs to be dealt with effective medicines that can control this problem effectively.

Stomach Bloating

5. Increase In Blood Sugar Levels

Prunes are very sweet in taste so they have large amount of natural sugar in it. Excess of consumption of this fruit can lead to increase in the sugar content in the body. This can also result into drastic increase in the blood sugar levels. People who are suffering from diabetes should refrain from eating this fruit at all costs.

Diet and maintain your blood sugar level

6. Laxative Dependency

Due to the presence of a very essential laxative element “sorbitol” in this fruit, people often consume it as a solution for their digestive issues. So those who already have the problem of frequent constipation should avoid eating prunes as it may aggravate the problem as well as the difficulties associated it.

Treats Digestive Problems

Prune is among those eatables which have got plenty of essential vitamins and minerals. One should not miss on these nutritional benefits. So if you are suffering from any of the above illnesses then avoid or reduce the consumption of this fruit. Moderate amounts of it have a significant effect on the body.


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