6 Simple Beauty DIY That Are Made For Summer

Beauty DIY That Are Made For Summer

Summer is such a fun filled and awesome season where we can have fun and enjoy the outdoor picnics! However, this season can be quite tricky and delicate for your skin. During summers, your skin and hair can become dry, undernourished and dehydrated. In such cases, you need a stunning beautify care regime which can fill your skin and body with nourishment. Don’t let summer affect your skin and make it de hydrated. Here are some exclusive diy’s which will keep you safe, beautiful and stunning in summers. There are some cool diy recipes which would help you deal with summers easily and will also enrich your beauty as never before!

Thus Here Is A Surprising Package Of Beauty Diy’s For Your Skin Especially During Summers:

1. DIY Citrus And Mint Spray:

Summers can be really cumbersome for the skin and when the hot and humid climate hits our door, the skin becomes extremely under nourished. Also when we step outside our home, the heat waves can make us sweat a lot! To reduce sweating and to keep the skin beautifully hydrated and cleanses in summers, here is a flattering spray which will give you instant results. If you are looking for the best ingredients which can make you feel refreshing, use some mint infused water and lemon juice for preparing a spray. Spray this on your face and feel fresh as never before!

DIY Citrus And Mint Spray

2. Awesome Mint Body Mist:

Mint is amazing and refreshing ingredient. Especially for the summer skin care, you can use this ingredient to stay sweat free. The body mists are awesome and here is a mint body mist diy recipe which you can try. Get some drops of lavender and jojoba essential oil, add some mint oil, mix some glycerin and rose water and prepare a spray. Apply this refreshing mint body mist whenever you feel dull, tired and want to add a splash of freshness to your skin!

Awesome Mint Body Mist

3. Avocado And Mint Scrub:

Scrubbing your skin during summers would give exfoliation and will also make your skin super smooth. To fight the dust, germs and harmful bacteria from your skin, prepare a soothing body scrub which will remove all the skin impairments. Mix some avocado oil and mint powder. Scrub your skin with this super stunning recipe and your skin will glow as never before! Stay fresh and charming with this high end magical summer scrub recipe!

 Avocado And Mint Scrub

4. Awesome Tinted Moisturizer For Your Skin:

The tinted moisturizers during summer will not only keep your skin hydrated and nourished but will also brig freshness to your skin. If you want your skin to feel fresh and tinted, here is a diy beauty moisturizer which you can apply on your skin! Mix some coconut oil, jojoba oil, lavender oil, cocoa powder, Bentonite clay and prepare a stunning tinted lotion. This is one of the best hydrating lotions which will keep your skin flawless!

Awesome Tinted Moisturizer For Your Skin

5. Summer Special Strawberry Lip Balm:

Lip balms can be exciting and amazing during summers. If you want to nourish your lips and make them look flattering, here is a cool strawberry lip balm which will make your lips look juicy, flattering and flawless. Mix some dried strawberry powder, beeswax, coconut oil, sweet almond oil and vitamin e oil and prepare this amazing tinted lip balm to make your lips shine!

Summer Special Strawberry Lip Balm

6. Awesome Sun Protect DIY:

Sun is one of the biggest threats during summers and here is a summer special sun block recipe. Mix some beeswax, vitamin e oil, olive oil and raspberry seed oil and prepare a cool sun block. Apply this whenever you step out of your house to keep your skin fresh and sun protected!

Awesome Sun Protect DIY

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