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6 Superfoods For Boosting Immunity In Adults


Our immunity system helps us lead a healthy life and helps us fight infections and diseases. If we have a weak immunity, we will be prone to diseases and infections. How do we ensure we have a good immunity system? We need to boost our immunity system by making a change in our diet along with leading a healthy lifestyle with proper exercising. Including some superfoods in the diet, helps the body stay better equipped to fight away infections. It is the way to stay healthier and fit.

Here Are 6 Superfoods For Boosting Immunity In Adults:

1. Barley And Oats

These super grains are rich in beta-glucan. This is a fiber which has antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. This helps the body stay protected from several poor health conditions like herpes, influenza and also anthrax. People who consume oats and barley regularly are known to witness quicker healing. You can have barley and oats as part of your breakfast or lunch menu.

Barley and oats

2. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are rich in lycopene which is good for health. Cooked tomatoes are high in antioxidants which are essential for healthy living. Antioxidants help the body to recover from illnesses and help in reducing the risks of illnesses. You can include tomatoes as part of salads and have them raw, drink a glass of healthy tomato juice every morning or include tomatoes in different recipes.


3. Yogurt

Yogurt includes many active cultures which help in better digestion. Yogurt boosts the immunity system. It also destroys several viruses and many bad bacteria which is responsible for several diseases and illnesses, especially digestive problems. Consuming yogurt daily reduces the risks of intestine infections. It helps in reducing the risk of getting a cold, helps in fighting viral infections and also improves the overall digestion.


4. Carrots

Carrots contain beta carotene which is a healthy nutrient for the body, helping to build its immunity. Carrots are also rich in Vitamin A, C, and K which helps in achieving beautiful skin, helps in improving vision, slows down the aging process and is also known to protect dental health. You can have raw carrots every day or have carrot juice. You can also include carrots in different recipes like carrot cakes, cookies, and other desserts.


5. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are always referred to as immunity building food for its richness in different vitamins and minerals. They are rich in the antioxidant beta-carotene. This anti-oxidant helps in keeping the body stay protected from different free radicals. It also helps in building the immune cell function. They are rich in Vitamin A which helps the body fight off infections and boosts immunity. You can include sweet potatoes in different recipes and have them baked or steamed.

sweet potato

6. Mushrooms

Since ages, people are known to benefit from mushrooms which are available in different varieties. Mushrooms are rich in selenium which is good for the bladder. Selenium is known to produce Vitamin D when exposed to sunlight. Mushrooms are low in fat and carbohydrates while they are rich in enzymes and fiber. This is known to lower the cholesterol level. Some mushrooms are rich in iron which helps people suffering from low levels of iron. Mushrooms help offer the body much-needed nutrients with its high dose of proteins and vitamins which help the body in building a strong immunity and helps to fight against diseases and infections . You can have mushrooms in soups, salads or in any other way you love.



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