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6 Superfoods For Healthy Hair Growth And Shine

We all love healthy, and long hair but unfortunately very few of us are actually blessed with healthy hair growth. Hair growth and hair health is a lot dependent on what you eat and how your lifestyle is. Factors like underlying illness, stress, and poor food habits can be detrimental to hair growth and result in hair fall, dandruff, and related hair problems. These factors can also lead to dull and lifeless hair without any healthy shine and bounce. You can include a few superfoods in your diet which might help you with hair growth and help in regaining back its natural bounce and shine.

What Are The Superfoods Good For Hair Health:

1. Oysters

Hair fall is often caused due to zinc deficiency in the body along with poor scalp hygiene. Oysters are rich in zinc. Just three ounces of oyster is enough for your daily dose of oyster in the diet.[1] You can have oysters prepared in a number of ways. They taste delicious and are known to promote hair growth and health.


2. Carrots

Carrots are rich in Vitamin A which is known to help in forming sebum oil in the scalp. This sebum oil helps in keeping hair moisturized, hydrated and quite healthy.[2] Carrots can be had raw or in soups or as a part of salads.


3. Eggs

If you are looking for fast hair growth and smooth healthy texture, you need to include a lot of protein in your diet. Eggs are rich in protein which is of high quality and known to be quite suitable for hair strength and growth. Eggs also contain biotin along with Vitamin B minerals which help in reducing the risks of hair loss related problems.[3] Proteins in eggs might help in overall scalp health. You can have an egg daily as a part of your breakfast. You can have fried eggs or scrambled eggs or boiled eggs as a part of a salad, as per your preference.


4. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes contain rich quantities of beta carotene which is a healthy nutrient for the body. This nutrient is helpful in promoting healthy scalp and is also known to help in fast hair growth.[4] It also helps in reducing the chances of damaged and dull. Sweet potatoes taste delicious and can be had as a side dish, as part of salad or simply mashed with some herbs.

Sweet potatoes

5. Avocados

Avocados are known for their high concentration of different fatty acids which is found in skin cells of the scalp. Avocados are long known for their use in hair products.  They are known to promote hair growth by nourishing the skin cells from within. Include avocados in your diet as they will ensure a healthy scalp and are known to reduce the spread of dandruff, which often leads to hair fall.[5] Include avocados in your salads or in side dishes as per your choice. Including avocados in your regular diet will assure you healthy scalp and shiny hair.


6. Kidney Beans

Kidney beans are a rich source of hair protein which encourages hair growth.[6] Kidney beans are also rich in biotin, zinc and iron which helps to strengthen hair strength and is also known to reduce hair fall. Bioton present in kidney beans is one of the essential nutrients for hair growth. Kidney beans can be used in many side dishes, casseroles and also salads. They can also be pureed and added to dips and spreads.

Kidney Beans

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