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6 Superfoods For Healthy Prostate Functioning


Prostate is an important part of male reproductive system. This gland enlarges throughout the life of an individual and often leads to a number of health complications in the later years. Certain foods in our diet are known to help in healthy functioning of prostate gland. As men start aging, they need to include some of these superfoods in their diet for the healthy functioning of the prostate.

Here Are 6 Superfoods Good For Prostrate Health:

1. Seeds And Nuts

Nuts which include walnuts and almonds are richly loaded with a healthy mineral known as selenium. Selenium is known to help in protecting the prostate gland. Nuts are also loaded with antioxidants which help in improving prostate health. Seeds usually include plenty of fiber like lignin which alleviates constipation which is said to be the known cause of prostatitis. Nuts and seeds also contain prostaglandins which are important molecules we get from omega 3 fatty acids. These are anti-inflammatory in nature. These nuts are also a rich source of phytoestrogens which is known to reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

seeds and nuts

2. Fatty Fish

Fatty fishes like salmon are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids are known to help in reducing bad cholesterol level. They help in increasing good cholesterol levels in the body along with lowering blood pressure. Experts often suggest reducing the intake of animal fat to ensure the prostate health, yet a diet which is rich in omega 3 can actually help in improving prostate health. You can get your regular dose of omega 3s from trouts, herrings and salmon. Baked fatty fish is always recommended as a part of regular diet.

fatty fish

3. Tofu

Soy is known to reduce the production of male hormone dihydrotestosterone which is the main reason for the overgrowth of the gland. Tofu is the most popular soy products which we can include in our diet. Tofu can be consumed daily through numerous delicious recipes. Include a number of soy products in your diet in the form of soy milk, tofu or tempeh.


4. Chia Seeds

As men age, they should reduce consumption of processed meat or red meat which is not good for prostate health. Red meat should be replaced with plant proteins like chia and hemp seeds which are loaded with a number of vital nutrients which are known to help in the healthy functioning of the prostate. Chia seeds can be consumed in different ways, sprinkled on snacks or even included in numerous recipes.

chia seeds

5. Black Beans

Black beans are known to be packed with a number of nutrients. Including one cup of black beans every day as a part of your diet, will offer you with at least 15 grams of proteins and 15 grams of fiber which is known to improve prostrate health. Beans can be consumed through salads. They can also be used to replace traditional meat in several dishes like in wraps or burrito.

black beans

6. Broths And Tea

Liquids are said to be good for male prostate. It helps in reducing toxin build up from the prostrate gland. Liquids are also easy to digest. Broths are full of nutrients which offers the body its required quantity of minerals and vitamins. They are easy to digest and keeps one filled for a long time without adding to the calorie intake. Tea is also known to be good for prostate health. Green tea is especially good for prostate health with its antioxidant benefits. Green tea helps in repairing free radicals which is mainly responsible for a number of diseases and illnesses.

broths and tea


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