6 Ways To Make Your Daily Dose Of Coffee Healthier



Coffee is a favorite beverage among all people alike. This is a to go drink when we need a boost of caffeine to help us through the day. We consume this beverage at different times of the day. This drink refreshes us when we need to loosen up a bit and there are so many kinds of coffee that get our mouth watering.While our love for coffee is incomparable, making this beverage a bit more healthier would help us drink this beverage without any guilt. With recent studies coming up that are proving that coffee is, in fact, healthy for us and can help our hearts function properly for longer, the fact that our coffees are usually loaded with calories and too much caffeine leads us into a lot of indecision.

There are many ways you could use to make your coffee healthier than it is. Recent studies, as we have already mentioned, are suggesting that there could be many more benefits of the coffee than meets the eye. It could help us combat diabetes and coffee is also useful in dealing with liver disorders. So, we are now going to mention a few tips using which you could make your coffee less fatty and more beneficial.

1. Avoid Artificial Sweeteners:

This is an obvious way to shed calories from your daily cup of coffee. You would not believe the amount of calories you can consume with a cup of sweet coffee. However, if you can not take your coffee black, you could try adding natural sweeteners like maple syrup or coconut sugar or even honey to make it healthier. You could also add stevia if you want to further reduce the amount of calories you consume. But keep in mind to never go overboard.

Artificial Sweeteners

2. Go Organic:

While you might have some personal coffee brand to which you have always been loyal, you should probably go for brands that produce organic coffee. People all over the world are understanding the importance of consuming organics foods that are devoid of chemicals. With the rise in this demand, there are also multiple brands trying to deliver just this. You could try many brands before settling for one of them.

 Go Organic

3. Avoid Artificial Creamers:

Coffee tastes better with cream and we are not going to argue that point. But, instead of using artificial creamers in your cup of coffee, try adding natural cream to it. Artificial creamers have high contents of ingredients like fructose corn syrup and trans fats that can be harmful to the body. Go for full-fat cream instead. Although they might contain more calories, it gives you a daily dose of proteins and calcium and few studies also suggest that consuming dairy products can actually help you fight obesity.

Artificial Creamers

4. Add Cinnamon:

Cinnamon is loaded with a number of health benefits. Regular consumption can help control blood sugar and this spice is also loaded with antioxidants. Also, cinnamon blends really well with the flavor of coffee and can make it taste even better without really adding any extra calories. You could make your cup of coffee much healthier by adding cinnamon to it.

Add Cinnamon

5. Add Cocoa:

If you love chocolate, this trick is going to make you really happy. Adding unsweetened cocoa powder to your cup of coffee does much more than just make it taste better. It is loaded with antioxidants and can even help you curb your chocolate cravings. Cocoa is proven to help control diabetes, reduce heart risk and is also a good source of magnesium.

Add Cocoa

6. Add Collagen:

Collagen makes a fine addition to your coffee and makes it much healthier. It is rich in amino acid glycine and is proven to reduce joint pains. It helps inflammation stay within an appropriate range and also helps the body repair tissues faster.

Add Collagen


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