6 Yoga Poses For Cancer Patients


We are all aware of the malevolent nature of cancer. Any person, when diagnosed with cancer, feels the world crashing down on him. The excruciating pain, the entire process of undergoing radiation and chemotherapy saps all energy and enthusiasm to lead life anew. But did you know that yoga helps to overcome the atrocity of cancer. Regular yoga, meditation and proper breathing techniques help in fostering mindful empathy and a great deal of normalcy for such people. So, get started with the following asanas to keep cancer at bay and even if you are a sufferer, these postures will help you a lot.

Here Are 6 Yoga Poses For Cancer Patients:

1. Corpse Pose 

Pile two or three blankets, as per your comfort, on one end of the yoga mat and lie on it to rest your back. Keep the feet joined to one another on the mat and open the legs on each side of the mat. Place your hands on the side with the palms open and facing up. Once you have placed the body on the mat with this pose, do some deep breathing to relax yourself completely.


2. Bridge Pose 

Lie on your back on the yoga mat. Bend the knees and keep them at hip width. Now, bring the soles of the feet close the butt. Breathe in and lift the hips up toward the ceiling. When you breathe out, bring the hips to the mat again. Place the hands near the pelvic area.This pose is especially recommended for the ones suffering from breast cancer.

bridge pose

3. Warrior II Pose

Seat yourself at the edge of a chair facing on one side of the room. Bring yourself in a lunge position with the front foot to the side of the chair you are facing. Flatten the other foot at the outer edge of the mat and slowly lift the hips off the chair. Open up the hips and spread the arms on the sides making the palms facing down. Breathe normally and stay in this pose for a few seconds.


4. Cat And Cow Stretch

Position yourself by resting on the knees and hands by keeping the palms facing the yoga mat. Your hands should be placed straight under the shoulders and the thighs straight with the hips. See that the spine is also kept straight. Inhale deeply and as you exhale drop the head, make the back go round and the belly pulled in. Breathe normally and do this for 10-15 times.


5. Reclining Bound Angle Pose 

You can do this excellent preparatory pose by bending the knees, keeping the soles together and dropping the knees as much as one can. Place the elbows on the floor with the back flat on the mat and the arms over the head in a Namaste position. Keep the eyes closed and breathe normally.


6. Alternate Nostril Breathing

Sit on your yoga mat with the spine straight. Close your eyes. Now, close the right nostril with the right thumb and breathe deeply through the left nostril. Stay in this pose for a few seconds without releasing the breath. Then, close the left nostril with the middle finger and breathe out from the right nostril. Do this for 5 to 10 times.
These asanas will help a cancer patient to get relief from the pain and other mental suffering that one undergoes at that phase. If you are a cancer patient or know one who is suffering from it, recommend these asanas to get a feeling of optimism each day.



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