7 Amazing DIY Foot Mask You Must Try


DIY Foot Mask You Must Try

While we are a lot for your ace, there are some areas which also need attention. Foot are one of the most important areas of our body. The feet get tired and also get affected from dust, extreme and constant pressure throughout the day. Cleansing and nourishing the feet will not only make them look flawless but will also help in reducing tiredness and rough skin. There are issues like cracks, thick skin on the heels and such problems which can make your feet look undesirable. In such cases, you can use some flawless foot masks which will work wonders!

Here Are Some Foot Mask Recipes Which You Can Prepare At Your Home And Get Smooth Feet:

1. Potato Milk Mask:

Pamper you foot with this magical recipe and never let your feet become dry and rough again. Potatoes are filled with fats, crabs and amazing nutrients which can benefit your skin and make it smooth! Milk is a hydrating ingredient which will help in pampering your feet and fight cracked heels exclusively. Mix some boiled and mashed potatoes and add some milk, apply this hydrating and conditioning mask on your feet and let t work for 20 minutes!

Potato Milk Mask

2. Tomato Oatmeal Mask:

If your feet have become tanned and patchy due to extreme sun exposure, try this multi benefit mask which will not only fight the tan and blackness, but will also smoothen and nourish your feet skin. Mix some oatmeal flour and tomato juice and massage this amazing mask on your feet. Massage and leave if or 20 minutes. Rinse with water and with regular use of this mask, get gorgeous feet!

 Tomato Oatmeal Mask

3. Olive Oil Cinnamon Foot Mask:

Your feet are the most essential and important organ of your body as they carry all our bodyweight throughout the day! The tired and extremely pressured feet need some soothing and thus, here is an awesome feet mask which will keep your fete relaxed and also look stunnign1 mix some cinnamon powder and olive oil and apply this mask on your foot while massaging! This will keep your feet hydrated and will also boost blood flow magically!

Olive Oil Cinnamon Foot Mask

4. Avocado Yogurt And Honey Foot Mask:

This is such an amazing and hydrating mask which can transform your rough and harsh skin and make it super smooth, avocadoes can fight rough and dark feet while honey and yogurt will add shine ad smoothness to your foot skin. Mix the avocado paste, yogurt and honey and apply this extreme conditioning mask on your foot! This will give you magical results in just few applications!

Avocado Yogurt And Honey Foot Mask

5. Sea Salt And Peppermint Mask:

Just applying some magical masks is not enough for your thick and harsh foot skin, you need some amazing exfoliating ingredients which can smoothen your feet skin and make it hydrated. Mix some sea salt and peppermint crush and apply this refreshing tinted mask on your foot for best results!

Sea Salt And Peppermint Mask

6. Sugar Coffer And Honey Mask:

Here is an awesome mask which you can use to cleanse your feet and reduce tiredness. Sugar and coffee powder will exfoliate your skin and reduce the germs, dust and such issues while making your fete look white, even toned and gorgeous. Honey adds amazing shine and glory t your legs! Thus use this amazing mask to make your foot look awesome

Sugar Coffer And Honey Mask

7. Honey Lemon Juice And Coconut Oil:

This conditioning mask is such a wonder to your foot. The ingredients like lemon juice honey and coconut oil will collectively work for fighting dark skin, rough skin and pigmentation easily! Apply this mask and rinse with Luke warm water and your feet will look great!

Honey Lemon Juice And Coconut Oil


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