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7 Awesome Benefits Of Adding Lemon To Green Tea

Benefits Of Adding Lemon To Green Tea

It is like the latest craze! Everyone around seems to be having green tea with lemon. But do all of us actually know the benefits of this combination? I’m not so sure! We are combining the benefits of green tea with an extremely beneficial citrus juice, and the outcome for health and taste are both amazing. Green tea contains several antioxidants and the vitamin C in lemon adds to its health benefits.

We Will Now Discuss The Benefits Of Having Green Tea With Lemon:

Catechin Absorption

Catechins are specific antioxidants in green tea that thrive more in an acidic environment which is provided by the addition of lemon in the tea. The problem with catechins is that only 20% of it is absorbed in the intestines and this can be increased to 5 times more with the lemon juice addition.

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Protects From Cold And Flu

The green tea contains numerous antioxidants and lemon juice adds vitamin C to the body. The two together work to increase the immunity of the system and protects the body against the attacks of bacteria and viruses causing colds and flu.

Colds And Flu

Accelerates Weight Loss

Drinking green tea aids in weight loss and if lemon is added, the metabolic rate is further increased which helps in more fat burning that leads to better weight management and greater weight loss.

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Improves Iron Absorption

Drinking tea on its own can hinder iron absorption from foods, and hence large amounts of tea consumption could be harmful to anemic patients. But the addition of lemon reducing this affect and helps the body in absorbing iron in good quantities.

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The addition of lemon in green tea makes it an effective diuretic that expels all toxins from the body and cleanses it to eradicate germs, bacteria and impurities from the system.


Gum Care

The diuretic effect of lemon green tea is great for the gums, as it expels all toxins from the body, protecting against gum diseases like gingivitis. The potent antioxidants in green tea also prevent the gums from getting infected with various diseases and soothes inflamed gums.

Oral Health


The skin looks younger and its elasticity is maintained with the addition of lemon juice in green tea. When lemon juice is added to green tea, the catechins are more readily available for use by the body. They protect the skin against oxidative harm and retain the moisture levels and suppleness of the skin.


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