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7 Best Foods To Prevent Or Reduce Inflammation In Body

Foods To Prevent Or Reduce Inflammation In Body

Human body is an organic machine that faces several health problems like pain, swollen body parts when inflammation occurs in the different organs of the body. There are specific medicines that combat body inflammation. But a man or woman can easily combat this body inflammation if he or she develops some good food habits from early life. There are some foods that are found in nature which if taken regularly with meal as food preparations then chance of inflammation decreases.

Here Are 7 Foods Which Reduce Or Prevent Body Inflammation If Taken With Regular Meal:

Green Vegetables

Green veghetables like spinach, broccoli etc which has elements like cytokins and vitamin E can reduce infalmmation in the body. Therefore food experts urge people to eat green leafy vegetables on a regular basis.

Dark Green-Leafy Vegetables


Turmeric is such a spice that has enormous anti inflammatory or anti oxidant qualities that boost body immunity. It therefore helps in fighting inflammation particularly in bone and joints disease like arthritis.

Turmeric Powder

Fish Oil From Fish

Sweet water fishes like salmon, sardine, tuna etc are rich in fish oil that has Omega 3 fatty acids in it. These fatty acids not only strengthen immunity level in the body but also act as anti inflammatory agents that reduce body pain.

fish and fish oil


Papaya is called  fruit of the angels. This sweet food is so rich in vitamins, minerals and a particular element called papain that it reduces pain and inflammation from body in disease like arthritis.

Papaya (2)


Everybody likes juicy and delicious vegetable like tomato. A food which is cooked with tomatoes added in it provides odor as well as juicy taste to the eater. According to food experts tomatoe has an element called lycopene that acts as anti inflammatory agents in body parts or organs that involve lungs. Lycopene is particularly helpful in reducing inflammation in lungs of human body.



Like tomato beet is another vegetable that although dose not have juicy property but if added in food increases sweetness. But not only for taste, for its amazing anti inflammatory quality food experts urge people to addd beet regularly to daily meal.



Ginger like turmeric also has anti inflammatory qualities that reduce pain in the body. But some heath experts or doctors do not agree ginger’s sole ability to reduce inflammation from body. According to them ginger works effectively while mixed with other vegetables in food preparations.

The Ginger Remedy

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