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7 Best Ways To Cure Angular Cheilitis


An angular cheilitis defines the conditions by which inflamed lesion is developed at the corner of the mouth (one side or both sides of mouth). An angular Cheilitis can also be called as angular stomatitis. It is the most common problem faced by the people and in extreme condition it may bleed when the mouth is opened. The inflamed lesion can also turn ulcerous if proper treatment is not executed. It occurs due to a lack of certain vitamins like iron, B2, zinc, and riboflavin. There may be some other reasons such as yeast infection, fungal infection, and so on. There are lots of home remedies available to the present day to cure such disease. They are as follows.

1. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a very popular herb in treating many diseases and it is readily available in the marketplace. One can grow aloe Vera in their habitations. Cut one side of aloe Vera and rub it against the infection, so that it will help in removing pain and treats the infection. This herb can be also used as a liquid intake in the early morning to cure this infection.

Aloe Vera
2. Garlic

Garlic is the best medicine for the treatment of fungal and bacterial infections. It is also called as a natural antibiotic. It can be used against the infection by crushing 2 small piece of garlic and apply it on the infected areas. For the best results follow the process in every 4-5 hour interval during the pain and itching.

3. Honey

Honey is the best natural medicine for Cheilitis as it contains antifungal as well as anti-bacterial properties. It aids in relieving both the pain and itching. The procedure should be operated by applying honey and basil leaves mixture on the wounded areas for 2-3 minutes and then to leave it, till the mixture gets dry on the wounds. Then it needs to be rinsed with plenty of waters. This procedure is to be performed regularly for better results.


4. Ginseng

It helps in building the immune system more protective for the alien bodies. For treating angular Cheilitis you need to drink 3-4 cups of ginseng every day and this helps in fighting many other diseases as well. One can add a little ginger juice with this and intake it with honey to build a strong immune against the angular Cheilitis.

5. Dandelion

It is a very familiar herb which is readily available in the marketplace. Bring some herb and grind it by mixing some water and make a juice and keep it in a bottle.  The patient must drink 4 cups of dandelion juice daily for quick reduction of infection. It is very effective as it is anti-bacterial as well as the anti-fungal in nature.

6. Elm Bark

The antibacterial property can restrict the growth of bacteria in infections of colitis. Mix the powder of Elm bark with some water and use it on the infected area and leave it for 10 minutes on a regular basis to ease the pain & itching. This bark is also used in the tablet forms where the patient is advised to take a minimum of 20 mg per a day to cure the infection.

Elm Bark

7. Rose Hip Tea

It contains vitamin C and it is used by mixing Rose’s hip with olive oil. The patient can use rose hip tea 4 times a day to fight the infection issues. These herbs and treatments are really effective remedies for angular Cheilitis as it is a painful as well as a social embarrassing disease. The given cures work perfectly as per the survey & this remedy works in less than 24 hours and fully eliminates Cheilitis in 2-3 days.


Rose Hip Tea

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