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7 Best Ways To Cure Underactive Thyroid

Best Ways To Cure Underactive Thyroid

Thyroid is a serious health problem and can affect your weight directly. Usually, women, who are over the age of 40, suffer from this problem. However, it has become quite common among people over the age of 15 years. Underactive thyroid must be cured at the beginning; else it is going to increase the weight. It is not that easy to lose weight. You can also find the natural cure for an underactive thyroid, which is simple, and effective. Change in your lifestyle, eating habits, and healthy practices will help you in controlling the problem, quite effectively. This medical problem is also known as hypothyroidism.

Best Ways To Cure Underactive Thyroid

Intake Of The Proper Food

Healthy diet is a must for controlling this problem. You are recommended to consume food that doesn’t has any Goitrogrens substance in it.  This is one of the factors that can cause or increase the medical problem. In order to control the problem you can eat food that has natural ingredients to destroy it. You might stop cooking your food in unsaturated oil like vegetable oil and Canola, as they can trigger this problem. Instead, you can cook your food in coconut oil, as it can enhance the metabolic properties.

Intake Of The Proper Food

Eat Food That Contains Iodine

The other natural remedy against this medical problem is eating food that has lots of Iodine contain in it. You can consume them regularly. However, it is recommended to reduce the intake of salt, which is not good for your health at all. Kelp which is a type of seaweed is highly recommended for people who want to increase the iodine contain in their body.  The other types of food that can be eaten daily are seafood, meat, potatoes, yogurt, and others.

Eat Food That Contains Iodine


This is another type of seaweed that is high in Iodine, and is considered to be good for people suffering from this problem. Not only does it have Iodine, but also a good quantity of potassium, iron, zinc, and calcium. The bladder wrack has natural ingredients to increase the metabolism rate of your body, which is done by accelerating the thyroid functions. If you are suffering from under active thyroid, then it is recommended to intake 600 mg of bladderwack, at least 3 times a day.

Bladderwrack Helps To Reduce Thyroid

Include Selenium

Underactive thyroid is also caused due to deficiency in selenium level, as it helps in regulating the functions that cause the thyroid. This will help you in filling the Selenium deficiency which is one of the main culprits that causes this problem. An adult human body needs at least 55 mcg on a daily basis.

Selenium Helps To Reduce Thyroid


The use of ginger in day to day  diet will certainly help in improving the functionality of the thyroid gland. This is possible due to the amount of zinc, potassium, and magnesium present in ginger with its anti-inflammatory powers. To incorporate ginger you can add fresh roots to soups or other dishes and also prefer ginger tea over any other beverages. Ginger can also be consumed in its dried form as well.

Ginger Helps To Reduce Thyroid


Hectic lifestyle denies you a lot of things in life and sunrays are one of them. Everybody knows the importance of sunrays for our health, but still is not ensuring enough intakes. Early morning sunrays are important for the thyroid gland to function in a proper manner. People should expose themselves to at least 20 minutes of direct early sunrays regularly.

Sunlight Helps To Reduce Thyroid


It is necessary that you exercise a bit, as it will help you in keeping your body fit and fine. Walking is one of the best exercises, and it is recommended to do that on a regular basis. It is suggested to increase your stamina gradually, as it will help you in combating the pain, which can be tremendous in such a medical problem.

Exercise Helps To Reduce Thyroid

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