7 Energy Boosting Natural Antioxidants


 Energy Boosting Natural Antioxidants

Antioxidants are nutrient compounds that are very essential for our body to fight free radicals and cancer causing elements. They are either created in our body or else we have to obtain them by consuming various food items in which they are abundantly present. They immensely support our internal defense system which in-turn helps to keep our body healthy and disease-free.

We can incorporate many antioxidant rich food in our daily diet rather than popping the pills that we get in the drugstore. Obtaining them through our food sources are always the healthier way than taking the easier options available. Gone are the days where one has to run from markets to markets to buy something healthy. The ingredient list we have is readily available in the supermarkets or hypermarkets next to you.

Here goes the list of naturally powerful energy boosting antioxidants ( these ingredients can also be churned together to get our easy antioxidant rich smoothie, which is an energy booster as well a refreshing drink in every sip) :

1. Spinach:

This is one of the most antioxidant rich leafy vegetable coming from the green section that is very much used in our salads and healthy cuisine. excellent source of Vitamin K, folate, iron, magnesium, calcium,…  someone who is thinking of clean eating can never skip this item from his grocery list. So does Mr.Popeye.


2. Walnut:

It is a part of tree nut family packed with omega 3 fat ALA, copper, manganese, molybdenum and biotin. It is also consisting of the most powerful antioxidant range rarely found in other food sources available. With plenty of amino acid content that helps our body, this nut is a hero.


3. Wild Berries:

This is entirely different from the normal berries we get. It has twice the presence of antioxidants than the normal ones and hence is a bit tough to get. Similar to the dark tint it has got it is a powerful source of fiber and manganese essential for bone health. It can easily be used in variety of dishes to reap the benefits.

Wild Berries

4. Cinnamon:

Don’t underestimate the power of herbs and spices. These do more than just flavoring, Cinnamon have been used in dishes to enhance flavor and aroma since ages. But the recent studies prove that they have similar antioxidant content like in fruits and vegetables that are beneficial.


5. Avocado:

This nutty flavored fruit is a hit in every recipe. It can be consumed raw, as a smoothie, in a salad or even in a guacamole. The percentage of health properties it hold will amaze every healthy freaks. It is powerhouse loaded with vitamins and minerals. It enhances the creamy texture of what ever dish you incorporate it with.


6.Hemp Seeds:

This is another powerful super-food that helps in keeping your body healthy from head to toe. It is rich in GLA (Gama Linoleic Acid), omega 3 fibers and aids in healthy weight loss. Though this ingredient is very small in size, its efficiecy in our body is high and quite enough compared to other fruits and veggies in the list.

Hemp Seeds

7. Medjool Dates:

Known for their pleasant sweet taste , they are also very popular easy to grab energy booster among foodies. It is a good source of energy if taken in moderation as the sugar content can increase weight if consumed more than 2 a day. Named as the secret of Arabs in the Gulf and middle eastern countries from the ancient time onwards, it is also added and remains as an important item in our list.

Medjool Dates

So here we talked about some of the best antioxidant boosting ingredients which the nature can provide. These ingredients can be consumed alone daily or can also be combined in adequate quantity to whip up our glass of energy portion.



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