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7 Food To Refrain In Order To Stay Alive

7 Food To Refrain In Order To Stay Alive

In this fast paced modern world, we have to be very careful with our diet plan in order to survival. As this world very readily follows the slaying of survival of the fittest, one should have a proper diet plan which includes proper nutritional food that would contribute towards a healthy living. Also we should keep in mind lists of food that we need to avoid at any cost in order to stay alive forget living peacefully.

These 7 Foods Are A Strict No If One Wants To Survive In This World:

White Bread

White bread has become a part and parcel of our daily lives. It is the most important component of our daily breakfast diet. Whenever we are in a hurry we just grab a slice or two and we think that we are having a good nutritional breakfast. But unfortunately white bread has high sugar levels which is very dangerous for our health and significantly contributes in the weight gain.

White Bread

White Rice

White rice also is a part f a daily diet. Some people cannot do without this as they have rice for lunch. People do not get satisfaction until they don’t have rice of a significant quantity. But this contains a lot of fats that unnecessarily contributes to the fattening and increasing of cholesterol of a person.

White Rice

Canned Tomatoes

If you like having canned tomatoes, think twice. The elements present in this can contribute towards breast and prostate cancer in males and females respectively. It has harmful elements called BPA which is very dangerous for human beings.

Canned tomatoes

Table Salt

Indeed this is a must with every food we take yet we should also know some important fact about it. Too much salt is harmful for health as only 98% is the natural salt and the other 2% is the chemicals which are man-made.

Table salt

Microwave Popcorn

The lip smacking tasty popcorn that is prepared in minutes, contains harmful chemicals like PFOA and PFOS that mixes with the popcorn and what we eat is actually popcorn sprinkled with chemicals.

Microwave popcorn

Processed Meat

Meat which is processed contains a lot of harmful elements that cause so many diseases in the body, one cannot even imagine.

Processed Meats

Vegetable Oil

We might think that vegetable oil is good for cooking but sadly it is one of the most harmful things one can add to their food. It contains saturated oils which causes a list of ailments in a human body.

Processed Vegetable Oils

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