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7 Healthy Foods And Drinks For Summer In Your Diet


Summer is the time when we get plenty of fresh produce. You have plenty of healthy choices in vegetables and fruits loaded with the richness of minerals and vitamins. Healthy foods for summer include a number of cooling foods and lesser amount of spicy food. Summer is the time when we sweat a lot, hence we need to stay hydrated with juicy fruits which will hydrate us and keep us cool.

Here Are 7 Healthy Foods And Drinks For Summer In Your Diet:

1. Dark Green Leafy Vegetables

Dark green leafy vegetables help in protecting the skin from all kinds of sun damage. You can steam all leafy vegetables and have them in your soups and salads. They taste wonderful and nourishes your body well. Green leafy vegetables are known to help in reducing skin dryness, they help in keeping the skin protected from harmful rays of the sun and also keeps the body hydrated. They are low in calories which means they help in weight loss too. Besides this, they are easy to digest and can be had anytime.

Dark Green Leafy Vegetables

2. Tomatoes

Tomatoes help to stay protected from the summer heat. Tomatoes contain lycopene which helps to keep the skin protected from sunburn and keeps it hydrated. You can have tomato soup, juice, in salads or include it in different recipes. You can add a pinch of lemon juice and prepare delicious tomato smoothies.


3. Watermelon

Watermelon helps to maintain your hydration during the summer days. Watermelon has high water content which helps in cooling down the body. Consuming watermelons also help you to feel full and reduces your cravings for food which assist in weight loss. Watermelon contains lycopene which keeps the skin protected from sun rays or damage. Enjoy watermelon in your fruit salads or just have watermelon juice whenever you feel like.


4. Yogurt

Yogurt is a great summer food which is packed with proteins. A chilled cup of yogurt will cool you down naturally. Yogurt is low in fat and contains beneficial bacteria which helps in overall digestion of food. It helps in curing stomach infections too due to heat exposure. You can have yogurt in a number of ways. Prepare fruit smoothies with yogurt, used it as a sauce or dip or simply have a bowl of fresh Greek yogurt whenever you feel like.


5. Pears, Figs And Apples

All these fruits are richly loaded with fiber which reduces the problem of constipation which is quite common during the summer months. Having an apple a day helps in easy digestion and helps in bowel movement. You can have these fruits with Greek yogurt or simply punch on them whenever you feel hungry. Instead of munching on snacks, these fruits are healthy and nutritious.

Pears, Figs, Apples

6. Iced Tea

A glass of cool refreshing iced tea is just perfect for a summer day. Tea is rich in antioxidants called flavonoids which help to keep the body protected from diseases and infections. Iced tea with lemon tastes good, is healthy and keeps you hydrated and cool. You can carry iced tea along with you and sip it whenever you feel the need.

iced tea

7. Orange Juice

This citrus fruit is a must during summer. It is rich in potassium which helps in replenishing the potassium which is lost due to sweat. Have a glass of fresh orange juice every morning and stay hydrated throughout the day. You do not have to worry about muscle cramps too when you have a glass of orange juice every day.

orange juice


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