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7 Home Remedies For Sour Stomach Symptoms

When a person suffers from acid reflux along with indigestion, the condition is termed as a sour stomach. The poor dietary habits, overeating, stress, constipation and sedentary lifestyle cause an upset stomach. The problem also occurs on taking spicy foods, caffeinated drinks, cold drinks, and alcohol. Due to this, there is vomiting and belching. There are pain and rumbling in the stomach. The person also has heartburn. The person doesn’t feel hungry due to a loss of appetite. Home remedies give a lot of relief in these problems. We will suggest some effective remedies for this problem.

Following Are The Top 7 Home Remedies For Sour Stomach Symptoms

1. Drink Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is very good for healing symptoms of a sour stomach. It has an alkaline effect on the stomach. Extract juice from half a lemon, add water and drink it. Lemon juice also supplies the body with essential nutrients.[1]


2. Eat Avocado And Papaya

Use avocado and papaya for healing sour stomach symptoms caused by too much acid production in the stomach. Eat these two fruits and include them in your daily diet. It will soothe the stomach. Choose ripe fruits for sour stomach.[2]


3. Drink Milk

Milk helps in giving relief in sour stomach symptoms caused by eating too much food. High amounts of acid in the stomach cause irritation and ulcer in the stomach mucous membrane. For this, you should drink milk daily.[3]


4. Use Basil

Basil helps in healing upset tummy problem caused by a sour stomach. It helps in dispelling gas due to its carminative properties. For this, you should eat basil. Make pesto sauce with basil, rosemary, and celery and eat it.[4]


5. Use Mint

Use mint for getting relief from problems and symptoms caused by a sour stomach. Eat mint and include it in your diet. It also acts like a breath freshener.[5]


6. Use Ginger

Ginger helps in healing sour stomach symptoms. This remedy was used in the olden times by the Native Americans. Eat ginger and take it with the foods you eat. Drink ginger tea made by steeping ginger in boiling water.[6]


7. Eat Honey With Cinnamon Powder

If you have an upset stomach due to the problem of sour stomach, you can use cinnamon powder and honey. Mix both these things and eat it. It will give relief from stomach pain, acidity, and ulcer. Do this remedy before eating food. It will also help in digesting the heavy foods you eat.[7]


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