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7 Home Remedies For The Removal Of Dark Circles Around The Eyes

Dark Circle

Eyes are one of the most important elements that enhance the beauty of the face. One of the most common things that drag down the beauty of the eyes is the dark circles around the eyes. As the name suggests, they look like patches of dark coloured circles around the eyes, making the eyes look ugly.

These dark circles are known as the periorbital dark circles. The dark circles are not permanent in most of the cases but some are seen to be long term. It has been a problem since ages, and there have existed a number of solutions that lead to the cure from this problem. There are a lot of reasons that lead to the discolouration around the eyes.

7 Home Remedies For The Removal Of Dark Circles Around The Eyes:

Use Of Teabags

Use of Tea bags

Teabags are one of the best cures of dark circles. If a cold teabag is kept on each eye, the dark circles seem to vanish almost within a few minutes. The caffeine in the teabags clears up the darkness round the eyes, making the skin cells rejuvenated. Even the tea has antioxidants that are good for the skin.

Use Of Cucumber slices

This is a very common method of revitalizing the skin cells and makes them look glowing. Two slices of freshly cut cucumber or potatoes, if placed on each eye for about 10 to 15 minutes can reduce the black spots occurred due to the lack of sleep and exhaustion. The cucumber extract can also do the trick, even better than the slices. But it is to be kept in mind that the extract should not enter any eye. This, if kept overnight, does the work even better.

Use Of Tomato juice

Tomato Juice
Tomatoes are highly effective in curing the dark circles. The juice from the tomatoes, mixed with some lemon and some turmeric makes it an effective combination, which replenishes the glaringness of the skin around the eyes. This mixture can be applied and kept on for about 5 to 10 minutes.

Use Of Massaging With Oil

Use Of Massaging With Oil
Almond oil is one of the most effective ways to remove dark circles. It is applied over night and washed off with cold water. Massaging with extra virgin coconut oil also does this same work. This in turn makes the skin smooth and removes wrinkles from the skin.

Use Of Mint leaves

Mint leaves
Mint leaves are an excellent remedy for dark circles. The mint leaves have a cooling effect, which reduces the swollenness and dark patches around the eyes. Mint leaves can be crushed or can be finely chopped to increase the surface area of contact with the skin.


It is considered as a long term cure or remedy for dark circles. Regular exercise contribute to the process of improved blood circulation so the blood capillaries around the eyes are fully functional, which reduces the possibilities of the deoxygenated blood to be stagnant over there. These exercises mainly include gently massaging around the eyes and scrubbing the areas rich in blood capillaries.

Lemon And Orange Juice

Lemon & Orange Juice
The citric acid in lemon and oranges are an excellent way to remove dark circles and it even increases the glow of the skin. The orange juice or the lemon juice can be mixed with a few drops of glycerin and honey and applied by gently massaging the areas.

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