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7 Home Remedy For Back Pain Which Actually Work

Back Pain

Back pain has become a common problem today, thanks to the fast paced and highly pressing lifestyle that we are leading. While back pain may occur as a result of back injuries, it can also result from muscle spasms and accumulation of stress and anxiety in the muscles. However; no matter what may be the reason, you can always avail remedies from the nature that you will also surprisingly find very easily in your home and kitchen, such as the ones mentioned below.

7 Home Remedy For Back Pain Which Actually Work:

Poppy Seeds

Hugely grown in India, Holland, China, Canada and Turkey, the popular culinary ingredient is also one of the best natural remedies for treating back pain and the fact that it remains pretty readily available in our houses makes it a perfect home remedy for back pain. Poppy seeds exhibit analgesic and sedative properties, which is why they have been found to be impressively effective for dealing with back pain.

Poppy seeds

Its consumption helps to reduce back pain by sedating the aching area and by working in the same way as painkiller drugs work, only sans the terrible side effects of drugs. To use poppy seeds for treating back pain, simply grind 100 grams of poppy seeds with 1 teaspoon of rock candy. Consume 2 teaspoons worth of the prepared mixture twice everyday and follow with a glass of warm milk.


The mother of all natural and remedies, garlic exhibits highly potential natural abilities to deal with back pain and other joint pains as well. Garlic’s natural pain reducing properties has also been found to be effective for treating rheumatoid arthritis and consuming 2-3 raw and peeled cloves of garlic will definitely reduce pain over time. If you can’t imagine eating raw garlic, consume it with a bit of honey.

Castor Oil

Castor oil
While castor oil is a superb aid for hair growth and proper maintenance of hair, it is also a surprisingly beneficial home remedy for back pain. Castor oil has analgesic and anodyne properties, which help to soothe the irritated and aching muscles and joints, thereby effectively dealing with back pain. Other than that, castor oil is also a good home remedy for people who suffer from other ailments or have weak hearts. To apply castor oil for treating back pain, prepare a pack using castor oil. For that, dip a cotton or flannel cloth in a bowl of castor oil, until it gets thoroughly soaked. Prepare a pack with it and apply it along with some external source of heat over the area of pain. Allow the therapy to work for 30 minutes and then rinse off the area with some lukewarm water.

Holy Basil

Have Holy Basil Leaves
Back pain is often caused by the accumulation of stress in the muscles or even as a result of taking excess stress and anxiety. Such a cause for back pain can be effectively dealt with holy basil, as holy basil is an adaptogen herb, which means that it helps to relieve the stress and anxiety, thereby aiding treatment of back pain. Basil is a natural reserve of ursolic acid, a type of phytochemical, which exhibits the same level of anti-inflammation potential as COX-2 inhibitor drugs. Hence; a tea prepared with is considered one of the best home remedies for back pain.

Ice Pack

Ice Pack
There is probably nothing better to treat back pain than ice pack. Ice packs help to contain the pain and inflammation by sedating the area which is paining. Other than that, it also helps to treat swollen joints and muscles, thereby relieving the pain from its very source. Place an ice back over the aching area for 20-30 minutes and repeat the process for about a weak to get complete relief from back pain.

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper works in more than one ways to treat back pain. First of all, cayenne pepper is a nervine herb, which means that it helps control the pain mechanism by minimising the transmission of pain signals and by fooling the brain that there is no pain. Other than that, cayenne pepper being a vasodilator and antispasmodic herb, also helps to boost blood flow and deal with the muscle spasm that may be resulting in the pain.


Cayenne Pepper

Hence; it is a three-way approach to the treatment of back pain. The benefits of cayenne pepper can be reaped either by applying it in the form of salve or by preparing a cayenne infused oil. To prepare the infused oil, mix 4 parts of oil to 1 part of cayenne pepper. Mix the infusion under a steady source of heat for a maximum of 2 weeks. Stop stirring after 2 weeks and transfer the oil to a clean jar, allow the pepper to settle and then skim off the clear oil.


Other than being a popular culinary herb, nutmeg is also a good home remedy for back pain. Its muscle relaxing and analgesic properties help reduce the back pain effectively, without posing any health risks. Drink a cup of nutmeg herbal tea once or twice daily to deal with back pain successfully.

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