7 Must Know Incredible Benefits Of Performing Fish Pose

7 Must Know Incredible Benefits Of Performing Fish Pose

Fish pose or Matsyasana is so called because this posture resembles a fish. This yoga pose, which is typically practiced towards the end of a yoga session, is also referred to as the ‘destroyer of all diseases’. To achieve this particular pose, you should lie flat on your back. Your arms should be by the sides of your torso. Lift your pelvis up slighty and slide your hands behind your buttocks.

Pressurize your elbows and lift your chest up. Bend backwards till the crown of the head touches the floor. Breathe deeply. Hold this pose for 15 to 30 seconds. Fish pose helps to treat numerous ailments like insomnia, depression, constipation and respiratory problems. To know more about the excellent health benefits of performing this particular yoga posture, read on.

Here Are 7 Incredible Health Benefits Of Performing Fish Pose:

Fights Constipation

This beautiful intermediate backbend pose helps to fight the embarrassing problem of chronic constipation.  This pose improves blood circulation to the pelvic region, boosts digestive function and puts gentle pressure on the abdominal organs. Additionally, this yoga pose also stretched the abdomen.  Ideally, people who suffer from constipation should perform this pose at least twice a day.

Prevents constipation

Relieves Stress

The deep inhalation which accompanies fish pose, one of the 12 basic postures of hatha yoga, helps to alleviate pent up stress and tensions. This backbend pose also aids in relieving negative emotions by opening up the chest (the main region of the body where we tend to bottle up all our emotions). People who suffer from mild depression and / or anxiety should make fish pose or matsyasana a regular part of their daily exercise routine.

Keep A Check On Unhealthy Habits And Stress Levels

Combats Respiratory Ailments

This is one posture which works wonders for the respiratory system. The deep breathing also called diaphragmatic breathing which accompanies fish pose boosts the flow of oxygenated blood into the lungs. This pose also opens up the lungs and fights common respiratory ailments including asthma and spasms in the bronchial tubes.

Fights Infection Of The Respiratory Tract

Relieves Menstrual Pain

To beat the general aches and pains which women typically experience during the monthly menstrual cycle, it is important to practice specific yoga postures like the fish pose. This pose, which gives the spinal cord a gentle stretch, helps to relieve lower back pain (a common complaint during menses).  Additionally, this pose also stretches the hip flexors, stimulates the abdominal muscles and improves blood flow to the pelvic region. This yoga pose also relives tired and aching legs.

Menstrual Pain

Eases Chronic Fatigue

Chronic fatigue can be the result of an under functioning thyroid gland. Specific yoga poses like the fish pose helps to tone the parathyroid and the thyroid gland. This in turn boosts the production of the thyroid hormones. When normal amounts of thyroid hormones are released into the blood stream it can make a person feel energized.


Treats Cervical Spondylosis

Poor posture is one of the primary causes behind cervical spondylosis also called cervical osteoarthritis. Fish pose is one of the best poses which help to improve overall posture. A counter pose of the ‘Shouder Stand’, the fish pose helps to give a gentle stretch to the cervix, the thoracic, as well as the lumbar region.  This pose helps to open up the chest cavity and gives the spine a good stretch. All of these factors can help to alleviate the pain and discomfort which are brought on cervical spondylosis.

Strengthening Pectoral Muscles And Shoulder Joints

Fights Insomnia

People who suffer from insomnia can practice this pose to get good night’s sleep. Fish pose tones the pineal gland. This gland releases the hormone melatonin – which is responsible for controlling biological rhythms. Practicing fish pose just before turning in for the night enhances secretion of melatonin hormone, thereby promoting restful sleep.

Treats Insomnia

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