7 Nutrients That Will Give You Flawless And Glowing Skin


Glowing Skin

If you want to have a bright, glowing skin you will have to start it from inside. The best way to get the best skin is to put the best inside. Therefore, no matter how much you take care of your skin externally the best way to get a glowing skin is to eat healthy and right. Choosing the right diet will not only give you a fresh and glowing skin but it will be noticeable too. A balanced diet is therefore a vital part to keep your skin young and healthy.

7  Healthy Foods T0 Get Glowing And Clear Skin-

1. Protein

One of the most vital factors of glowing skin is eating a generous portion of the right kind of protein: Protein helps our body to repair cells. It is therefore necessary to have a considerable portion of protein to keep a check on signs of aging. Fish, egg whites, whole grains, pulses etc. are some of the good sources of protein. Try to eat more of cold water fish like salmon, tuna, cod, mackerel and trout. They provide essential fatty acids for smoother skin, decreases inflammation and increase energy.


2. Fatty Acids

It is important to choose the right kind of fat in your diet. Astonishing, but it is true that some fat is also important and they provide anti-inflammatory protection and youth-preserving antioxidants. Fatty-fish, salmon, mackerel etc are among some of fatty foods which give your skin the glow you have long desired.

Fatty Acids

3. H20

Drinking water- Water intake is very crucial for maintaining a healthy skin. Ideally eight glasses of water is important per day. Water flushes out the toxins from the body and maintains the water level. Water can be taken in any form either food rich in water like fruits or juices or simply water.


4. Vitamins

Include a lot of vitamins in your food, for a healthy, glowing skin. Vitamin A and B is found in fish, yogurt and milk. Citrus food, broccoli and cabbage are rich in vitamin C. They help in providing collagen which heals the skin and keep them firm, glowing and healthy. Therefore all kinds of vitamins are very necessary for keeping your skin healthy. Here your focus should be on all kinds of citrus rich foods like oranges, grapefruit, lemons, etc. Even seasonal tropical fruits like mangoes are suggested because they help clear pores and thus get you glowing skin.


5. Iron

Eat as many green vegetables and fruits as you can because they are rich in iron.  They provide antioxidants which enables the skin from fighting against aging. They keep your skin fresh and supple. Fruits and veggies retain more antioxidants if consumed raw. They have high water content and help in hydration. Spinach, escarole and collard greens etc are some e.g. of magnesium rich food. Though it is not possible to eat everything raw but try to incorporate as much raw food as you can. Cooking food always degrades its quality. The nutrients and antioxidants get depleted and free radicals increases. Try to incorporate salads and fresh food in your diet as much as possible.


6. Selenium

This is an antioxidant mineral that aids in tissue elasticity. Eating this mineral helps to avoid damage of cells and improves overall cell development too. You can also avoid cancer by eating more of this mineral, which is found in Brazilian nuts, guava, parsley, broccoli, etc. Further more, it helps in avoiding pigmentation and prevents UV damage too.


7. Zinc

Zinc is one of the most vital nutrients required for the biological growth of the cells along with improving the growth of enzymes and regulating gene expression. It has been seen that individuals having zinc rich diets have fewer skin issues like acne, pigmentation and even age at a slower pace. On the whole, it is vital for complete cell rejuvenation. Zinc can be found in sources like kidney, red meat, liver, beef and even lamb. Sea food sources of the same include oysters and scallops along with similar variations of shellfish.



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