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7 Reasons Why Greek Yogurt Is A Smart Choice If You Want To Be Fit

Greek Yogurt

One of the biggest challenges you face when you decide to go healthy is finding foods that are both slimming and delicious. There is a constant demand to let go of all the dishes you love for the sake of being fit. Although giving up your dear foods like desserts and cheese are necessary, there is no compulsion for you to stick to bland food options in order to remain fit. Greek Yogurt is one food that gives you both health and taste. There are multiple types of yogurt you could choose from that can instantly make your boring dishes interesting. For instance, instead of having a plain bowl of fruits, you could cut them up and add greek yogurt and make it creamy and delicious. You could even switch to yogurt when you need to add a creamy dressing to your salads. There are many benefits of greek yogurt we never knew about.

In This Article, We Are Going To Acquaint You With Some Of Them:

1. Protein Content:

All yogurts are rich sources of proteins. But what you didn’t know was that the greek yogurt comes with almost twice as many proteins as your regular yogurt. The high protein content in this yogurt makes you feel full and can help you regulate your diet better. Go for nonfat versions if you are extremely conscious about your calorie intake.

Protein Content

2. Probiotics:

Like many fermented foods, greek yogurt is rich in probiotics. These are nothing but live micro organisms that are healthy for your body, especially digestion. Probiotics can also boost the immune system. These probiotics are necessary for a healthy gut. They balance out the bad microbes and help in boosting the immune system. It has also been proved in recent studies that a few probiotics help in relieving stress.


3. Lower In Carbs:

Although this yogurt contains more calories than your regular yogurt, it is more beneficial to your body since it contains lesser amounts of carbs. Greek yogurt is made by removing whey from the regular yogurt. Whey contains lactose and when this is removed, naturally a few amounts of carbs get eliminated to too. If you want to follow a low-carb diet, you could easily add greek yogurt to your dishes to make them tastier.

Lower In Carbs

4. Source Of  Vitamin B12:

There are very few foods that provide good amounts of vitamin B12 while being healthy. Greek yogurt is one of them. Vitamin B12 is necessary for multiple body functions. It facilitates healthy production of red blood cells and is also necessary for proper functioning of the nervous system.

Source Of Vitamin B12

5. Less Amounts Of Lactose:

If you are looking for foods that contain fewer amounts of lactose, this is the best option. The production of greek yogurt involves removal of whey from yogurt, which contains a lot of lactose. For lactose intolerant people, Greek yogurt is perfect since it contains very little amounts of lactose while tasting the same, if not better than lactose loaded cream or yogurt.


6. Calcium:

Another benefit of greek yogurt is the high contents of calcium. Calcium is important for healthy bones and muscles. Calcium is also necessary for the functioning of many vital organs. For children, it is necessary for their proper growth and for adults, it proves to be a reliable source of calcium.


7. Creamy And Thick:

This yogurt adds more texture and flavor to your dishes than regular yogurt does. This is way creamier and thicker than its regular version. Due to its creamy texture, you could use this as a healthy substitute for many fatty products like cheese, cream, butter etc.  You could hence use greek yogurt to make many healthy and delicious dishes. You could use it to make a glass of smoothie. You could use it as a dressing on your otherwise bland salad. You could even have them with your cereals. The options are endless and yogurt makes all of them taste splendid.

 Creamy And Thick

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