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7 Serious Side Effects Of Barley Water


7 Serious Side Effects Of Barley Water

Barley is rightly considered to be the healthiest and nutritive grain crop alternative that we have in the planet at the moment. With its innumerous medicinal benefits, drinking barley water which is usually made by mixing barley flour with water is considered to be a healthy drink option, however every healthy substance can have ill effects too if exploited beyond limits.

Some Of The Serious Side Effects Of Barley Water Are Discussed Below:

1. Results In Stomach Woes

One of the most prevalent and extensive manner in which barley water shows its ill effects lies in the way in which they upset the stomach in humans. However, an upset stomach can be an end result of drinking barley water along with factors where the barley interacts with certain medications and gets into this result. The symptoms include bloating, diarrhea, pain and cramps.


2. Causes Bleeding From The Rectum

Barley water is considered to be a natural laxative and thus is consumed by humans in cases of constipation. However, if consumed in a bulk amount it can result into acute pain coupled with rectal bleeding in humans which is pretty grave an issue for sure!

Causes Bleeding From The Rectum

3. Can Cause Allergies

One of the commonest side effects of barley water is allergy whose symptoms range from inflammation, irritation, rashes, hives along with others which involve swelling of the eyelids, arms, eyes and legs and sometimes even anaphylaxis condition. Apart from this, barley as a wheat is loaded with glutens which are again a cause of an allergy known as the celiac diseases which is caused in humans who are intolerant to gluten products.

Skin Allergies

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4. Ruptured Or Blocked Esophagus

Due to the fact that barley water is rich in fibers, they are capable of harming the esophagus as well. This happens when enough water is not mixed to the barley water and which in such condition can get stuck to the esophageal walls leading to blocking and even rupturing the same.

Ruptured Or Blocked Esophagus

5. May Cause Hypoglycemic Conditions

Overconsumption of anything is not good and the same applies to the consumption of barley water as well. This is due to the fact that barley water is capable of reducing the blood sugar level in the blood to a huge extent and if the level of sugar goes below the optimum level, it can cause a hypoglycemic condition which is pretty serious. Thus, while consuming barley water the sugar levels is what one needs to be assured of time and again.

May Cause Hypoglycemic Conditions

6. May Result Into Fungal Contamination

Studies have shown that the consumption of barley water by humans can actually laed to an increase of fungal contamination woes in the longer period of time. Due to the presence of contaminants found in the malt extract such as Ochratoxin A and Trichothecium Roseum can worsen the bone health and break them down slowly as well.

May Result Into Fungal Contamination

7. Can Have Surgical Complications

Barley water as discussed above are capable of lowering the blood sugar or blood glucose levels in humans to a great extent. This is due to this very fact that it can create complications in case of surgeries as well. Thus it is recommended by doctors that the intake of barley water needs to be stopped at least ten to fourteen days prior to going under the knife. This will help the body to regulate the blood glucose levels to a great extent and also will help in avoiding any kind of surgical complications too!

Can Have Surgical Complications

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