7 Side Effects Of Skipping Breakfast


Side Effects Of Skipping Breakfast

Breakfast is considered as the most important meal of the day. This is because in the beginning of the day, we need more energy to stay active and fit throughout the day. Also breakfast must be the heaviest meal of the day as the day progresses; the food gets easily digested while you are already working! There are so many benefits of eating breakfast very morning but for those who skip breakfast, there are different disadvantages to consider! Those who skip this extremely important meal have to suffer from various issues which are as below! Consider these side effects and never ever skip your breakfast if you love to live a fit and healthy life!

1. Lowers Metabolism:

Morning breakfast is extremely important to fight obesity and weight gain. Every morning when you wake up, your body requires some fuelling. All the night, your body has worked and it needs food to gear up. If you skip the breakfast, t can affect your metabolism and the food cravings can actually turn our body obese! Breakfast gives you energy and capacity to digest food easily. Thus, skipping breakfast can make you obese!


2. Migraine:

If the digestive system gets damaged and poor, it can affect your brain functioning. Due to skipping breakfast, your digestive system does not get enough energy and thus the food gets digested slowly. This can result into brain malfunctioning and headaches. Migraine is one of the conditions which can make you feel tired, lazy and achy! Thus, eat healthy breakfast to prevent migraine and cognitive issues!


3. Hair Loss:

Hair loss is one of the conditions which are triggered due to skipping breakfast. Breakfast has an important role to play in the growth and development of your hair cells. All the essential nutrients in breakfast can reach your hair follicles and fill it with nourishment. If you skip your breakfast, it can severely result into hair loss and such hair issues!

Hair Loss

4. Can Lead To Heart Issues:

Heart issues are triggered if you skip breakfast. It is identified that people who skip breakfast are at a risk of getting heart issues. The issues like heart strokes, attacks and jamming of blood vessels can affect you if you skip your breakfast! Also conditions like hypertension, stress etc can increase. Thus, never skip breakfast to stay fit and healthy!

Heart Issues

5. Affects Your Mood And Energy:

If your energy levels are extremely low and you face mood swings throughout the day, this may be due to skipping breakfast. If your digestive system does not work as desired, it can affect your mood and energy levels. Boost your mood by consuming breakfast everyday! This I the most effective way to keep active and healthy throughout the day!

Affects Your Mood And Energy

6. Menstrual Issues:

Skipping breakfast has shown some effects on menstrual cycle. Delayed periods, crams and pain during menstrual cycle and loss of appetite is caused due to skipping breakfast. Thus if you face irregularities and issues in your menstrual cycle, keep the habit of regularly consuming breakfast.

 Menstrual Issues

7. Risk Of Diabetes And Cancer:

Cancer and type 2 diabetes are very harmful conditions which can occur due to skipping breakfast. While you miss your breakfast, you consume more food throughout the day which does not get digested properly. This increases obesity which is directly connected to diabetes and cancer! Thus skipping breakfast and consuming more food throughout the day can cause these issue which are life threatening!



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