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7 Superfoods That Increases Fertility In Men And Women

Superfoods That Increases Fertility

Infertility is defined as a phenomenon when one is unable to conceive even after a year of regular unprotected sexual activity without contraception of any kind. The causes of infertility are many and it can be caused due to problems in both men and women. However, here we are going to discuss certain food which actually boosts the fertility in both men and women. Some of the food elements which actually help in boosting the fertility in men as well as in women are discussed below.

Here Are The 7 Superfoods That Increases Fertility In Men And Women:


Garlic is known since time immemorial in curing a lot of ailments and one of the major ways garlic can help is in the terms of fertility in men. Garlic actually helps in recovering the testicular functions and also helps in the improvement of a man’s sexual health too! Known as an agent who improves blood circulation and also a great aphrodisiac, garlic helps in a lot of other supporting ways too. Consuming two to four cloves per day does the work.


Green Vegetables And Dairy Products

Consumption of vegetables and dairy products have been known to improve the fertility factor in women rather than having meat and turkey which actually promotes the chances of infertility. Consumption of fresh green vegetables along with dairy products like paneer, milk, tofu and et all actually helps in improving the protein intake which results into better ovulation resulting into increased chances of conception as well.

Dark Green-Leafy Vegetables


Known to be great for the consumption by women, baked potatoes are high on vitamin E and B levels which actually improve cell division and in turn increase the chances of production of a healthy ova too. Having a diet rich in potatoes also is known to secrete a kind of enzyme which helps in the fertilized egg implantation which reduces the chances of early miscarriage as well.

Potato (5)

Fresh Fruits

Great for the consumption which improves the fertility to a large extent, fresh fruits are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants which is known to improve the sperm count and the quality too. Consuming fruits like mangoes, oranges and sweet lemon helps in boosting fertility due to them being loaded with antioxidants and vitamin C in large quantities. Pomegranate is another fruit which does wonders as well due to the fact that it promotes the production of the male hormone, testosterone and also improves the sperm quality as well.

Eat More Of Fruits


Fishes when consumed are known to contain essential fatty acids which in turn help in improving circulation around the reproductive system and also promote the sperm quality as a result. It has been seen that men who consumed more fishes while trying to have a baby is more likely to produce greater quality and quantity sperm than ones who were one a meat diet. Thus fish intake is essential to boost the fertility of men.

Fatty Fishes


Another great food which actually helps in boosting the fertility in women folks are nuts of every kind. Consumption of nuts have been associated with factors like improving the sex drive in women along with also protecting the embryos from early miscarriage issues too. Thus it is advised to consume all kinds of nuts including walnuts and almonds which are loaded with vitamin C when one is trying to get pregnant and even while a woman is carrying a baby in her.



Another booster of women fertility are eggs which are extremely great to consume due to them being loaded with nutrition. Eggs contain nutrients such as folates and Vitamin B12 which are known to minimize the issues of birth defects. Along with this, eggs are also high in cartenoids and antioxidant levels which improve the fertility of women in the long run too.

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