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7 Surprising Health Benefits Of Horse Chestnut

7 Surprising Health Benefits Of Horse Chestnut

Horse chestnut also known as hippocastanum, Aescin, Aescine, Aesculus hippocastanum, Buckeye, and by various other names is a tree usually found in northern hemisphere, whose every part has a different importance. From leaves to seeds every part is used to reduce different illness and diseases used for over a century. Vascular problems like chronic venous insufficiency are most likely to be healed by this plant very efficiently let’s take a look on the elaborated benefits of horse chestnut.

Contracts Arteries And Veins

When the blood doesn’t flow efficiently from legs to heart then horse chestnut should be taken it contracts the arteries and veins and increases the circulation of blood with pressure this doesn’t only helps when the blood is pooled at a single place but also in keeping the body functioning more efficiently. Horse chest nut seed extract is also used to healed diseases like edema and hemorrhoids.

Cleanses Blood Vessels And Arteries

Helps In Male Infertility

However this has not been completely proven but horse chestnut can improve the sperm count as per some researchers however the other theories related to this are not yet proven.

male infertibilty


Horse chest nut is effective is curing diseases like diarrhea these things are still under research and have not been completely proven so if you are suffering from diarrhea you should try another remedies.



Horse chest nut lowers the body temperature and helps in sweating and making the person suffering from fever relieved.

High Fever Along With Flu Needs Antibiotics For Speedy Recovery

Relief From Eczema

Inflammation causes red skin, itchy skin and dry skin and it is healed with oral medications and other creams but horse chestnut can be another remedy which cause give relief from eczema.

Eczema Protection

Enlarge Prostate (BPH)

Although it is said that enlarged prostate can be only healed by surgery and then treatment the researches have a little evidence about horse chest nut being able to helps the enlarged prostate.

Horse Chestnut Seeds

Menstrual Pain

Menstrual pain in women causes a lot of pain and there are very less things effective for this horse chestnut reduces the menstrual pain but can have some side effects too varying from person to person.

Regulates Menstrual Cycle

Other than these there are various other benefits of horsechest nut but like few of these they are still not proved completely.

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