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Top 7 Tips To Reduce Bloating With Anti Inflammatory Foods

Tips To Reduce Bloating With Anti Inflammatory Foods

When you bruise yourself, the bruised area swells up and starts to burn, this is an acute nature of inflammation. But our body also or can experience chronic form of inflammation, internally that can effect our health on a daily basis. Internal inflammations are the main cause of many ailments, which are of long term nature. And these are mostly caused by our diet and all the toxins that are present in our environment. If unchecked, one can suffer from heart disease, premature ageing, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, Alzheimer, rheumatoid and also psoriasis. Our diet and unhealthy eating habits aggravate the situation further, especially if out diet consists of red meat, sugar, fast food, addictives etc in high quantity. This unhealthy lifestyle and diet makes the body dry and therefore causes inflammation internally. So, to combat these internal problems, one has to follow and try out anti inflammatory diet recipes.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Anti inflammatory diet recipes consists of food that are high in omega 3 fatty acids, anti oxidants and monounsaturated fats. Incorporating many such anti inflammatory diet recipes in your regular meals would make your life healthier and immune to various diseases. Eat a lot of food items like, salmon, nuts, avocadoes, garlic, apples and chili peppers. Try and also consume omega 3 fatty acids that is found in fish.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids Reduce Bloating

Have Natural Sugars

Try to reduce sugar content in your diet, as this would help in the prevention of inflammation. Apples are known to help reduce weight and contain nutrients that act as anti inflammatory agents. Try a daily meal containing toasted oatmeal, along with yoghurt, berries and herbal tea in breakfast. Fruit helps you get the much needed natural sugar, without any bloating or side effects. Increase the intake of fruits and vegetables, reduce the content of Trans and saturated fats in your recipes.

Natural Sugars Helps To Reduce Bloating

Opt For Spices That Reduce Inflammation

Use a lot of curry and ginger as a part of spices in all your recipes and it is always healthy to avoid processed and refined food items. Along with this think about spices like turmeric because it helps in internal healing of bloating related issues. You can mix spices in your recipes. One such anti inflammatory recipe is a carrot ginger soup, which contains butternut squash, carrots, onions, garlic, ginger, orange juice, salt, pepper and cinnamon all cooked with water. Squash and carrots have high content of vitamin A, which is an anti-oxidant that prevents inflammation of any kind.

Spices Helps To Reduce Bloating

Eat Sensible Carbs

Avoid refined carbohydrates but you can opt for healthy carbs that are high on fibre. You should be thinking of about brown rice along with wheat and quinoa. Keep in mind that your breads and pastas too should be made of fibre goodness instead of eating whiter flours, which are rich in the wrong carbs.

Eat Sensible Carbs To Reduce Bloating

Drink Lots Of Fluids

Intake of liquids is very vital, especially in the form of fresh juice and water. You must consume at least 8 glasses of water daily, as it helps in flushing out all toxics.  You can also have some fresh vegetable juices like gourd and bitter gourd, which helps reduce bloating. Avoid sugar rich artificial juices.

Drink Lots Of Fluids To Reduce Bloating

Sample Menu

So, eat a lot of fish dishes, instead of white rice consume whole grains, like brown rice. Cut down on red meat; instead go for lean meat, like chicken. Think of smoothie and tuna salad for lunch, spinach salad, spaghetti and turkey meat sauce and an apple cranberry pie for dinner should be consumed. And for the snack part, indulge in walnuts and dark chocolate.

Eat Fish Dishes To Reduce Bloating

Foods To Avoid

Avoid the intake of corn products, animal milk, cheeses, commercial eggs, tomatoes, fry fruits, alcohol, citrus fruits, tea, coffee, peanut butter, peanuts and potatoes. These only take a longer time to digest and thus cause further inflammation. All these anti inflammatory diet recipes if followed regularly would help in the reduction of any kind of inflammation and its effects. You have to be determined and follow this religiously for a healthy life!

Avoid Intake Of Cheese To Reduce Bloating

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