7 Unexpected Side Effects Of Biotin On Your Health



7 Unexpected Side Effects Of Biotin On Your Health

Biotin or vitamin B7 supplement is recommended for promoting hair growth in the recent days. It is vital for nail and hair health. It is also essential for maintaining body’s metabolism and aids with the liver functions. It is found in oats, eggs, cucumber, milk, berries, etc. However, it is essential to learn the possible side effects an overdose of the vitamin can cause before taking the supplement. This will help you determine whether you need the supplement or not.

Side Effects Of Biotin:


A few cases of hypersensitivity to biotin have been reported. However, an allergic reaction to biotin is infrequent. The common symptoms of biotin allergy include tightness of chest, nausea, rashes, itchiness, inflammation of face, etc. Seek medical help right away if such symptoms appear because they can turn out to be fatal.

Treats Skin Problems


Taking high amounts of biotin is believed to increase the chances of miscarriage. Though there is no sufficient evidence to support this, it is safe to limit biotin ingestion. A research on animals revealed that high dose of biotin can shrink the size of placenta and cause miscarriage. Therefore, pregnant women should not consume biotin supplements unless prescribed by the doctor.



An acne break out in the jawline is the common side effect caused by biotin. The skin becomes clear once the intake of the supplement is stopped. This skin problem can be reduced by lowering the dose of biotin and drinking large amounts of water.

Acne, Cleansed, Clear and Smooth Skin

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Increased Urination

Biotin is a vitamin that acts similar to water pill. Excessive biotin might increase the frequency of urination. It can cause abnormal sweating too. Though there is no enough literature to support this side effect, people have reported frequent urination and too much sweating with biotin overdose.

Urinary Tract Infection

Increases Blood Glucose

Research has shown that overdose of biotin can stimulate glucose production and increase the serum glucose levels. It is also believed to increase the fatty acid synthesis. Thus, diabetic patients should be careful with biotin dosage to avoid complications.


Stomach Problems

Biotin ingestion can cause nausea initially, but the sign will fade away with regular use. High dose of biotin can result in abdominal pain and loose stool. If such symptoms appear, biotin ingestion should be stopped immediately.

Stomach Problems

Drug Interaction

Biotin is found to interact with anti-seizure medications. It can significantly lower the effectiveness of these drugs. It also reacts with cholesterol medication and affects its efficacy. It can also increase serum glucose levels as mentioned above by increasing fatty acids. Hence, consult a doctor, if you are on these medications before taking biotin supplements.



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