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7 Unexpected Side Effects Of Holy Basil



7 Unexpected Side Effects Of Holy Basil

Holy Basil is one such herb which has miraculous qualities of aiding health in multiple ways and we couldn’t have agreed more with this fact. Since we gained the rational thinking ability, we’ve always been told that Holy Basil could be a cure for many health issues. Not that these claims are false. Holy Basil, indeed, helps in curing the health issues. Ancient systems like Ayurveda has also vouched for this claim.

However, everything comes with its own drawbacks, isn’t it? Well, holy basil too has quite a lot of negative adverse effects or side effects as you call it. Yeah, it might be shocking to you to learn how such a healthy herb could have adverse effects. But then, you got to accept the shocking truth. Well if it’s still hard to believe, go ahead and read the article to know about it!

Following Unexpected Side Effects Of Holy Basil:

1. Eugenol Overdose Concerns

Eugenol is the fundamental constituent in Tulsi. We’ve always known that anything done in abundance can lead to downfall. Excess consumption of basil can result in an overdosage of Eugenol and this could lead to a lot of risks. Generally, Eugenol is found in flavourings or clove flavoured cigarettes. Overdosage can result in blood during a cough, hyper breathing and traces of blood while urinating.


2. Blood Thinner

Blood is a vital factor that decides our health. However, Basil has the unique characteristic of thinning the blood in our body. If consumed with anti-clotting medicines, this is bound to happen. Some people who are already suffering from blood thinning and undergoing treatment for the same must stay away from basil as it can magnify the thinning process. There are few symptoms that could alarm you that you’re consuming lot of basil. Blood thinking can lead to bruises and also prolonged bleeding if any.

Red blood cells

3. Hypoglycaemia

Hypoglycemia is a highly abnormal disorder that can result in lessening the levels of glucose in blood. This might not be a disease but can certainly pose to be a threat if neglected. Usually, basil is recommended as a herbal cure for people who are having agonies of high levels of glucose in the blood. It is believed that basil has the capability of reducing sugar levels in the blood which is undoubtedly true. However, when consumed in excess, basil can prove to be extremely negative. It can reduce sugar levels in blood to a great extent which might risk the health of the patient. Few of the symptoms of this effect are that the patient might feel pale and dizzy. Frequent hunger is another such symptom. It also causes irritability to the patient.

Diet and maintain your blood sugar level

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4. Can Affect Fertility Of The Person

Yes, this is a serious concern. Fertility of males is said to be affected adversely due to high consumption of basil. An experiment has been conducted on rabbits to test the same and there was a conspicuous decline in the sperm count of rabbits. This has been proven true in case of humans too and is not to be neglected.

Fertility of males

5. Can Affect Pregnant Women

Yes, this is true. Basil is proven to have side effects on pregnant women and this can pose serious threats to pregnancy. Basil is quite dangerous in this regard and can result in uterus contraction of pregnant women. This can lead to severe complications while the mother is giving birth to the child and while having menstruation. Women can suffer from severe back pain and cramps. Diarrhea is also one of the main symptoms.

For Pregnant Women

6. Might Come In Way Of Drugs

Some of us might be under medication and might be taking prescribed drugs. Basil can interfere here and have unwanted effects on our body. This could also prevent the effects of drugs in our body thereby making it useless. It might also have some impacts on the body. It can cause severe headache. It might also cause fatigue. Thus, people who are under drug prescription must stay as much away as they can from basil.


7. Carcinogenic Problems

There is an element called estragole which isn’t all that harmful when it is in the herbal form. Nonetheless, the oil extracts of basil may contain high levels of estragole which has moderate chances of causing cancer in humans. Yes, cancer is one of the deadliest diseases and estragole in basil might be harmful. Hence be wise while consuming it.


Basil might prove to be a healthy deal as a whole but you must never be ignorant about its side effects. Now that you know the side effects it might cause, be careful about the consumption magnitude of Basil!



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