7 Ways To Reverse Dental Cavities


Dental Cavities

Eating sugary and starchy foods leads to cavities in the teeth due to the growth of bacteria and formation of acid. The acid attacks the enamel of the teeth leading to tooth decay. The cavity is a dental problem that is treated by the dentist by drilling the affected teeth and inserting a synthetic filling. Often, people think wrongly that this is the only solution and there is no way out. However, the fact is that there are many ways to reverse the dental cavities. Instead of putting the fillings in the teeth, use a natural solution to cavities by reversing it. It is important to know the ways to deal with this problem and reverse the cavities. We will give some tips for this. It includes using some nutrients, oils, and fluoride in daily life. Use our tips and suggestions to fight the problem of a cavity in the teeth.

Following Are The 7 Ways To Reverse Dental Cavities:

1. Use Fluoride Toothpaste:

Dental cavities due to tooth decay can be reduced by cleaning the teeth and brushing it with fluoride toothpaste. Brush the teeth twice daily in morning and at night before sleeping. Early tooth decay can be reversed and stopped with fluoride, which is a type of mineral that stops mineral loss and replaces the lost minerals in the teeth. It also stops acid formation by bacteria in the mouth. Thus, brush the teeth twice daily.

 Fluoride Toothpaste

2. Take Non-Sugary Foods:

Avoid eating snacks in between two meals. It protects the teeth from acid attack. The teeth repairs on its own when you don’t take snacks or foods. Do not eat sweet foods like cakes, candies, and cookies. Avoid sugary drinks and fruit juice. Take these foods and drinks only on special occasions. Eat non-sugary foods and drinks that don’t have sugar.

Non-Sugary Foods

3. Take Foods That Don’t Have Phytic Acid:

Phytic acid is present in many foods that we eat like beans, soy, and grains. Such foods increase the risk of cavities in the teeth. Take these foods after soaking and sprouting. Eliminate phytic acid containing foods from your diet if you want to reverse dental cavities. Do not take breakfast cereals that contain phytic acid.

Phytic Acid

4. Use Coconut Oil:

It is beneficial to use coconut oil for reversing the problem of a dental cavity. The oil has natural antibiotic properties, which helps in fighting bacteria in the mouth that causes dental decay and cavities. Coconut oil has the ability to kill oral bacteria. So, use the oil for oral health. Add coconut oil to dental care products that you use daily at home. It is especially beneficial to use enzyme-modified coconut oil for dental cavities.

Coconut Oil

5. Take Vitamin D Rich Foods:

Vitamin D is an important nutrient that can help in fighting dental cavities. Take the vitamin naturally through sunlight exposure. Take supplements of Vitamin D. Take Vitamin D rich milk for breakfast. Eat foods like sweet potato, fish, mushroom, potato, sprouts, sunflower seeds.

Vitamin D Rich Foods

6. Take Cod Liver Oil Capsules:

It is useful to take fish oil in the form of cod liver oil capsules for stopping and avoiding dental cavities. It reverses dental decay and helps in avoiding the need to do fillings. Cod liver oil causes the growth of dentin in the teeth and remineralization. It seals the active caries of the affected teeth in the mouth. Thus, take a cod liver capsule daily to reverse cavities.

Cod Liver Oil Capsules

7. Take Foods With Vitamin K2:

It has been found that a deficiency of Vitamin K2 in the diet is one of the causes of dental cavities. The vitamin helps in placing calcium in the teeth, which is important for healthy and strong teeth. Thus, getting Vitamin K2 through dietary sources can help in avoiding dental cavity. The best foods that contain this vitamin are green leafy vegetables, fermented foods, curd, mature cheese and fermented soybeans.

 Foods With Vitamin K2


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