7 Yoga Poses To Fight Against White Hair

Yoga Poses To Fight Against White Hair

Yoga is an effective remedy for an array of life issues and they are equally capable to curb while hair concerns in humans too.

Some Of The Yoga Poses Which Fights Away White Hairs Are Discussed Below:

Fire Of Breath

This yoga pose also known as Kapalbhati is an amazing exercise regime which helps in proper blood flow to the scalp which results into prevention of premature hair graying concern. To practice this one, a person needs to sit in padmasana pose while the legs are crossed and exhale forcefully via the nostrils while maintaining a rhythm. The inhalation process should be carried out without effort while exhalation. Starting the regime with 3 minutes as the time limit and slowly increasing the time helps.

The AUM breathing

Downward Facing Dog Pose

This yoga pose helps in keeping the body stress free which in turn prevents any issue of premature hair graying in the long run. To practice this, a person needs to sit on the ground while the knees and palms are touching the ground and while exhaling, needs to lift the knees off the ground while pulling the body backwards by stretching the arms while the legs are balanced with the toes. The next step is to pull the hips upward so that a V-shape is created in the body while stretching the arms properly and bending the head to get the perfect shape.

Downward Facing Dog Pose

Triangle Pose

The triangle pose is another great yoga form which prevents hair graying. To practice this, one needs to stand with legs wide apart and then raise the arms upward in a straight line at shoulder width. The next step is to bend towards the right and try to touch the toes of the right feet with the right hand while looking at the left hand which is raised towards the ceiling. Holding the pose for a while before repeating on the other side helps.

Triangle Pose

Camel Pose

Also known as Utrasana, this yoga pose is best avoided by people suffering from issues such as migraine, blood pressure concerns and neck and back injury as well. To practice this, one needs to kneel on the floor keeping the knees apart and using both the hands try to reach back while trying to hold the right ankle with the right hand and vice versa while looking at the sky. The next step is to push the tummy region outwards while the thighs are straight and holding the pose for a few while before getting back to the starting position helps.

Camel pose

Pleasant Pose

Better known as Sukhasana in yoga, this pose can be done to ease the mind and body which in turn reduces the hair graying issue. To practice this, one needs to keep a folded blanket on the ground and stretch the legs at the front. The next step is to fold the legs while one foot is beneath the other one and sit with the spine straight. Closing the eyes and breathing normally for 5 to 10 minutes help.

Easy pose

Cobra Pose

Also denoted as Bhujangasana, this one can be done by lying flat on the floor while the legs and the toes are closed together while the hands rest on the either side and the palms are facing the ground. The next step is to press both the palms and try to raise the forehead and look upwards while inhaling. This is followed by further stretching the hands and exhaling while releasing the pose helps.

Cobra pose

Plough Pose

To practice this one, a person needs to lie on the ground on the back while the hands are by the sides with the palms flat on the ground. The next step is to slowly lift the legs and getting them backwards so that the toes touch the ground beyond the head region while the chin touches the throat. Support can be taken to maintain this position by the elbows and breathing normally before getting back to the starting pose.

Plough pose (Halasana)

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