7 Yoga Poses To Help You Feel Lighter


You Feel Lighter

Yogasanas are the best way you can sculpt and tone your body. Not only for a toned body, the yogasanas are performed for numerous benefits and purposes. From eye sight improving, for headaches, for stomach issue and much more, various yoga positions are used for healing. Practicing yoga has numerous benefits over the body and one of them is feeling lighter and beautiful. Generally after meals and after a tight sleep, some people feel heavy and full. Feeling light is not limited to having less weight and toned body. Feeling light definitely includes pleasant mood, low weight, flexibility and energy. If you are able to feel this way, it showcases you feel lighter and brighter. If you want to feel light, bright and gorgeous, go for these cool yoga positions and you would simply fall in love with these cool yogasanas!

1. The Boat Pose:

This is a cool pose which can get you multiple benefits. This pose works miracles on your digestive system and also regulated blood circulation. This amazing yoga position would simply make you feel light on your feet and extremely flexible. Sit on your yoga mat and raise your legs in the upward direction. Touch your toes with your hands while making a 45 degree angle. Stay into this position for a while then relax. Repeat multiple times to feel fresh and energetic!

The Boat Pose

2. The Cat-Cow Position:

We have two different positions which you can try in a session and get multiple benefits. The cat and cow position would treat headaches and would get you a flexible body. If you feel heavy and full all the time, every morning go for this amazing yoga position and make your body completely comfortable. For soothing your nervous system and enhancing your energy, try this position every day. Get on your arms and legs and bend your head and switch your position by looking upwards!

The Cat-Cow Position

3. The Goddess Pose:

If you want a cool and soothing pose which can get your body relaxed and calm, you can try this super cool position which would instantly feel you with energy and brightness. This position gives you strength in your arms and feet while making you feels energetic and fresh. Get your hips wide and get into a sitting like position. Let your body weight get on your lower body and join your hands. Try this position for awesome and lighter moods!

The Goddess Pose

4. The Pigeon Pose:

This is an amazing high impact pose which can get your blood circulation regulated in minutes. Also if you’ve migraine and headache issue, this pose would simply help you in curing it naturally. You would tone up your hips and lower body with this pose wile surpasses energy in your upper body brining positivity and happiness. Sit with one leg folded in your front and another lying behind you. Keep your chest and upper body tight.

The Pigeon Pose

5. Headstand:

This is a cool and high impact pose which can get you miracles. Headstands allow blood circulation and speeds up your bodily processes. If you want to feel positive, lighter and energetic all the day long, go for this pose and stay active!


6. The Bow Pose:

This is one of the most widely performed yoga pose which can turn your digestive system and metabolism in a quick action process. You would feel lighter and amazing after this stretchy and extensive position. Lie on your stomach and try to hold your feet from the back. Raise your front as hard as you can and hold for few minutes!

The Bow Pose

7. The Dancing Pose:

If you have always been a dancing diva, you would simply love this amazing pose. Stand on your one leg raise another and hold the leg with the same side hand. Raise another hand in the air. This is the best position for balancing and stretching. Also it would make you feel energetic and cool all the daylong!

The Dancing Pose


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