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8 Authentic Tips To Buy Common Vegetables

Authentic Tips To Buy Common Vegetables

Most of us are aware that vegetables form an important part of human diet, as they help in protecting and fighting diseases and nutritional deficiencies. However, many of us are not aware that it is important to consume good quality vegetables in order to derive maximum nutritional benefits from them. We often fall prey to marketing gimmicks such as bright coloring or large size of vegetables, which feign freshness and healthiness of the vegetables. Consequently, we end up compromising with the quality of the vegetables that we buy. Eventually, this leads to a number of ailments in us. Therefore, it is important to buy good quality vegetables. Here are fundamental tips for purchasing some vegetables that we commonly consume on a daily basis.

Tips To Buy Common Vegetables

Welcome, Juicy Beans; Drier Cousins, Stay Away

Never opt to purchase dry beans even if the grocer offers them to you at lucrative prices, as they are nutritiously inferior to their succulent counterparts. Pick soft and juicy beans with semi-developed seeds next time. The seeds enhance the food value of the beans, as they are concentrated sources of a number of nutrients.

Juicy Beans Help In Fighting Diseases

Come Over Weighty And Green Cabbages

Cabbages that are heavy compared to their sizes, and deeply green in color are preferable to the ones that are lighter in weight and color. This is because, the greener the vegetable the greater is the concentration of  plant nutrients. Other tips include avoiding the purchase of cabbages with holes in leaves, as these are eaten by worms.

Green Cabbages Protecting & Fighting Diseases

White And Tight Cauliflowers Rule

Recognize a healthy cauliflower by its color and firmness. A healthy cabbage will flaunt white color  florets, which will be packed tightly. Avoid cauliflowers that yellow and loosely packed florets.

Cauliflowers Helps In Fighting Diseases

Long And Shining Cucumbers Are The Best

When purchasing cucumbers, search for the ones that are long, firm and green with glossy skin. Short and white ones with a dull skin are not as nutritious as their long and healthy counterparts.

Long And Shining Cucumbers Are The Best

Size Not Impressive In Case Of Tubers

In case of tubers such as carrots, turnips and potatoes, do not go by their sizes even though your grocer may tempt you with some very large ones at low prices. Big sized tubers often tend to be hard from inside,which makes them difficult to cook and digest. You can go for the tender and smaller ones instead, which you can cook fast and also digest easily.

Tubers Helps In Fighting Diseases

Dry Onions Make Healthy And Tasty Meal Inclusions

Many of us use the onion in our dishes for its compelling taste and aroma. Onions are also valued for their nutritional worth, as they are high in moisture content that prevents dehydration and also benefit the human circulatory system. However, we can derive all these benefits from the onions if we purchase the right kind of onions. Buy firm and dry onions, and avoid moist and soft ones.

Dry Onions Make Healthy And Tasty Meal

Firm And Well-shaped Potatoes Are Always A Good Shopper’s Choice

Potatoes are one of the most common and economical vegetables that are even used to replace the most important foods, i.e. cereals, as they contain a high amount of carbohydrate, like cereals. As potatoes are eaten in large amounts, you should purchase the nutritionally best amongst them. Choose potatoes that are firm with a good shape. Avoid greenish potatoes and those with deep “eyes”.

Potatoes Helps In Protecting & Fighting Diseases

Fresh, Crisp And Dark-colored Green Veggies Are Nutritionally High

Green vegetables that are fresh, crisp and dark in color are nutritionally superior to soft and light-colored greens.Do not buy wilted, soft, and worm-eaten green leaves. Generally, you should always prefer seasonal vegetables, as they are naturally grown and processed before being sold to you. Vegetables that are not seasonal are artificially produced and preserved during their off seasons. Such vegetables are of nutritionally substandard quality in comparison to the seasonal vegetables. Fundamentally, you should ensure that the v vegetables that you buy are clean and free from blemishes, cuts and bruises. This is because infectious micro-organisms enter the vegetables through these openings and weak spots and contaminate them.

Dark Colored Green Veggies Are Nutritionally High

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