8 Awesome Benefits Of The Reclining Hero Yoga Pose

8 Awesome Benefits Of  The Reclining Hero Yoga Pose

In yoga parlance, the reclining hero’s pose is referred as Supta Virasana. This pose, when done correctly, bestows a number of benefits to the doer.

In this half-seated pose, the buttocks are gently lowered on the floor between the legs which are bent backwards from the knee. The feet should face backwards. Now, taking the support of hands which are firmly rested on the elbows, on either side of the body, lower the upper body, slowly, until the head touches the floor. Remain in this pose, for over 10 seconds initially, while breathing normally. As you gain experience, you may stay in this pose for about a minute’s time. To come out of the pose, taking the support of the hands, lift the upper torso. Then, release the legs, one by one. Relax.

Now, Let Us Look At The Immense Benefits Offered By This Yoga Pose:

Helps In Female Issues:

Performing this pose regularly helps in relieving women from the monthly menstrual pain. By approaching this pose in a disciplined manner and by continuous practice, ladies with infertility issues can also benefit. This is possible as the menstrual cycle gets regulated with regular practice of this asana. However, like in many other asanas, this posture should not be done for 5 days from the menstrual date.

Regulates Menstrual Cycle

Relaxes Tired Legs And Knees:

Regular practice of the reclining hero’s pose helps in stretching and strengthening the legs and knee muscles. The modern day sedentary life has caused tightness of the limbs in many of us. Regular practice of this pose is highly beneficial for arthritic patients. Similarly, athletes and other sportsmen who often face tightness in the quadriceps and hamstrings can resolve the issues by resorting to performing this posture, regularly.

Relaxes Tired Legs And Knees

Stretches And Tones Down The Abdominal Muscles:

When you learn to stay in this pose for a longer time, it bestows greater benefit. For example, it stretches the abdominal muscles. Also, it helps in toning down the excess fat. Thus it helps in improving the performance of various abdominal organs.

Build Muscles

Improves Digestion:

Just like the diamond pose, the reclining hero’s pose can be performed even after having dinner. In fact, for people who suffer from digestive issues like constipation, it is advised that they may perform this pose, very gently, before retiring to bed. By enabling better oxygenation and blood circulation to the digestive parts, this pose eases problems of digestion.

Helps In Digestion

Strengthens The Back:

This pose which involves the gentle backward bending of the back, helps in strengthening the spine and back muscles. Regular practice of this helps in removing rigidity in the back area. Gradually, back and neck problems vanish.

Remedies For Backache

Helps In Curing Respiratory Disorders:

Regular practice of this yoga asana helps in solving problems like asthma. When you are in this pose, the chest is opened wide. Also, while remaining in the pose, you concentrate on your breathing, which should be slow and rhythmic. All this activity helps in strenthening the lungs and cure various issues related to respiration.

Fights Infection Of The Respiratory Tract

Deep Relaxation:

In the reclining hero pose, your backward bend is supported by gravity. By learning to practice it properly, in a slow and steady manner, you can enjoy the benefit of staying in the pose longer. This enables a deep state of relaxation where your chest and heart open up. You experience feelings of happiness, peace and calm. Also, you develop the courage to overcome problems in life.

Deep Relaxation

Cures Flat Feet And Varicose Veins:

Regular practice of the reclining hero’s pose helps in curing flat feet. Also, the problem of varicose veins (which is not in an advanced stage) can be easily solved by performing this pose, regularly. This is due to the fact that the blood circulation to the entire lower body is streamlined by this asana.

Varicose Vein

A word of caution: As a beginner, learn the right way of doing Supta Virasana from a good yoga teacher. People with certain medical issues should not perform this pose. Inform your condition to your yoga teacher before asking whether you may perform this pose.

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