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8 Benefits Of The Chickpeas For The Skin, Hair And Health

Chickpeas For The Skin, Hair And Health

Chickpeas are the peas which has the yellow color, it is hard and we cook many delicious recipes from it. It comes from the middle east and from there it is travelled all over the world, we need to soak it in the water and also it is used in the powder form also, now a days it is preserved in thin and exported to the other countries. Chickpeas has many health benefits, it has the vitamins, minerals and other useful ingredients for our body. It is used for the skin and hair also, here are the benefits of the chickpeas.

1. Remove Wrinkles:

As you are getting old or you have improper diet, then wrinkles can be there on the face, chickpeas have the magnesium in it, that rejuvenates the dead tissues of the skin, it has the vitamin B that gives oxygen to each cells, now you need to take the powder of the chickpeas and then add the a pinch of the turmeric to it, rub this gently to the face, now clean it with the lukewarm water, this will remove the dead cells and slowly by regular use wrinkles or the fine line will be disappear. [1]

Remove Wrinkles

2. Face Cleaner:

When we go out dirt, moisture, pollution and other foreign matter stick to the face and sometime blocks the pores and you might have the pimples and other skin problems so you need to have a good cleanser for that will remove all the things form face, just take the powder of the chickpeas, mix it with the yogurt, make a smooth paste, apply this paste on the skin and leave it for about the 10 minutes, as the face pack is dry, clean it with the lukewarm water. [2]
Face Cleaner

3. Ringworm:

Ringworm is an infection that causes by the contaminated water and sometime by the sweat, so you need to take the chickpeas, boil it in the water, as you see the color of the water is changed to the yellow, then drain the water and cool it down, now apply the water to that infected area, do this process for 5-6 time in a day, the ringworm will be disappear slowly. [3]


4. Leucoderma:

This is the skin disease in which we have the white patches on the skin and that look awful, so you need to first clean the chickpeas in the running water, now take a cup of water, add the chickpeas to it, as the peas soaked the water for a night, then place this to the cotton cloth, as the chickpeas starts sprouting, eat it daily in the morning, it is helpful in the leucoderma. [4]

5. Facial Hair:

If you have facial hair, then you need to do the many things to get rid off and sometime, that are harmful and painful also, so you need to take the powder of the chickpeas, mix it with the turmeric, add little bit of the milk or water in it, now make the paste of it, apply this paste on the hair, now leave it for sometime, so that it will get dry, now rub it gently, this will remove all the facial hair naturally. [

Facial Hair

6. Dandruff Control:

Dandruff caused by the fungus infection to the scalp, it may causes, baldness also, so you need to mix the powder of the chickpeas with the lukewarm water, now make the paste of it, consistency should be like custard, now with the help of the finger tips, apply it to the scalps and massage the scalps slowly, then clean it with the water, regular use of chickpeas will remove the infection of the scalp also it nourishes the scalp and strengthen the hair. [6]

Dandruff Control

7. Cholesterol Level:

The chickpeas has the dyslipidemia in it, that removes the bad cholesterol of the body, so you need to eat a bowl of the chickpeas daily in your diet. This will lower the risk of the heart attack and heart diseases. Chickpeas are good in the fiber, so if you eat chickpeas, then you tummy will be full for longer time and it helps in the weight loosing also. [7]
 Cholesterol Level

8. Diabetes:

This is the dangerous disease and in which we have to limited our sugar intake and we have to forget our favorite dishes, but chickpeas have the fiber and protein in it, that will help in the digestion of the food proper and also it has the low glycemic index that control the insulin and helps in maintaining the blood sugar level of the body and also digest the excessive sugar of the body. So you need to eat the chickpeas daily, just soak it in the water for a night and then eat it. [8]

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