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8 Benefits Of Using Neti Pot For Nasal Irrigation


Neti Pot For Nasal Irrigation

Follow it the Indian style as the neti pot has done miracles in curing many health issues and especially those that are related to respiration and around your nasal area. If you are not familiar with the term of “neti pot” then just to let you know, a neti pot is basically a regular copper pot with a small pipe emerging out from one side of its body. A neti pot works wonderfully in treating your sinus and in most of the cases it treats your Asthma as well. When those heavy antibiotics betrays on you, switch to this simple Jal-Neti Yoga to treat critical sinus situations having absolutely no side effects. Take down easy to go steps of Jal Neti in your notebook and include them in your daily routine to see a magical difference in your nasal condition.

This Article Will Uncover 8 Benefits Of Using Neti Pot For Nasal Irrigation. Make Sure That You Check Them Out:

1. Clears Out Your Respiration System:

With every breath you take, your nose only allows clean air to pass through while stopping the minute impurities on their way. As you might already know, the inside of your nose has a good amount of tiny hairs that actually helps in filtering out the air that you breathe. Contamination of this nasal hair is one of the causes of nasal infections and acute condition of sinus. Nasal irrigation through Neti Pot helps in clearing out your upper respiration system.

Respiration System

2. Rectifies Nasal Dryness:

Every year and especially during the time of winters, you might have felt a little dryness in your nose. This dryness might sound a regular issue but can cause many long term problems for you. One of the main reasons for an acute sinus to happen is too much dryness in your nasal area. When you practice nasal irrigation, you actually cleanse you nose and its hair and also makes it a little wet that cures the problem of dryness in it.

 Nasal Dryness

3. Eliminates Excess Mucous From Your Nasal Area:

A major symptom for many types of infections that occurs inside your nose is the release of excess amount of mucous from your nose. It is a situation when you need to consult your doctor. Although this one is a major condition but you can prevent from this condition to happen by regularly doing Nasal Irrigation through a Nasal Pot.

Excess Mucous

4. Relieves From Sudden Headaches:

Sometimes, out of the blue you might have felt something sharp hitting inside your head and causing you severe headaches for a couple of minute. Actually, a situation like this occurs when your nose is not clean from inside. This causes you a lot of pain and sometime an unbearable one. If this is the case with you then practice nasal irrigation with Neti Pot at your home daily or every alternate day.


5. Relieves In Your Asthmatic Condition:

If you are an asthmatic patient then you would second this. Whenever you are somewhere near to dust, you start sneezing or coughing. This happens when your hair is not well cleaned inside your nose. If this is the case with you then practice nasal irrigation with Neti Pot at your home daily or every alternate day and see a difference in your asthmatic condition.

Asthmatic Condition

6. Helps You Treat Your Cold:

A Nasal Pot is very inexpensive to buy and helps your tremendously in many of health aids. Nasal irrigation done regularly not only immunes you to catch cold but even if you do catch a minor cold then it helps in vanish it away from roots. Since it is a Yoga which is purely natural and has a very minimal chance of any side effect to occur, more and more people these days are choosing this option of Nasal Irrigation through Neti pots to treat their minor infections, allergies and situations like cold.

 nasal irrigation

7. Postoperative Care:

Most of the allergies arise due to the growth of bacteria inside your nasal area and inside your nose. These bacteria might cause you a couple of bacterial infections and allergies if are not treated well and within time. Nasal Irrigation through a Neti Pot helps in killing all these dangerous bacteria from your nasal area and postoperatively cares you.

Postoperative Care

8. Makes You A Strong Person From Inside:

Being in a habit of practising Nasal Irrigation with a Neti Pot actually helps you in making your body immune from various bacteria and virus. You will actually see a difference after being in practice of this yoga every alternate day if not daily.

 Strong Person


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