8 Best Essential Oil Face Masks For Dry Skin


Dry Skin

Dry skin is a condition which occurs in almost every season. Due to extreme dry weather, winters make your skin dry, summers causes dehydration and thus makes the skin dry. It is very difficult to escape from dryness of skin. You need to moisturize and nourish the skin using some amazing and promising ingredients which can retain moisture in your skin and keep it hydrated for long. What can be more amazing than essential oils for skin? The essential oils are made from fatty acids, minerals and nourishing ingredients which can make your skin from dryness and get a radiant glow on your face. Essential oils are fantastic form making the skin smooth, supple and flawless.

Here Are Some Dazzling Masks Prepared From Essential Oils And Cool Ingredients Which Can Make The Skin Flourishing!

1. Honey Lavender Oil Mask:

Honey is a miraculous ingredient which is used since eras in making the skin flawless and glorious. Honey is used for skin care in adding smoothness, shine and brightness in your skin. Lavender oil is a stunning essential oil which can moisturize your dry skin and make it hydrated. If your skin feels dry, dull and undernourished you can try this smoothening mask which would get absorbed deep in your skin and make your skin flawless. Try this mask daily and make your skin gorgeous day by day!

Honey Lavender Oil Mask

2. Olive Oil Jojoba Oil Mask:

We all love olive oil due to its mesmerizing elements which can make it smooth and supple. Olive oil is filled with nourishing fatty acids which can simply nourish your skin and keep it hydrated for long. Jojoba oil is conditioning oil which can make the skin beautifully nourished and smooth. Mix these masks and prepare a smoothening mask which can heal your dry skin and make it flawless.

Olive Oil Jojoba Oil Mask

3. Rose Water Lavender Oil Honey Mask:

Lavender oil would simply steal your heart with its lingering fragrance. This cool oil can moisturize your skin and make it look flawless. Along with rose water and honey, this oil would nourish your skin and make it bright day by day. Rose water is a flawless ingredient which is filled with essential minerals and anti oxidants of floral magic which would make your skin dazzling. Honey rose water and lavender oil would together make your skin adorably smooth!

Rose Water Lavender Oil Honey Mask

4. Aloe Vera Gel Rose Oil Mask:

If you want an herbal mix which can make the skin smooth, supple and flawless, here are some cool ingredients which can make your skin velvety smooth. Mix some aloe Vera gel and rose oil and prepare a softening mask. Apply this awesome and aromatic mask every day. This mask would simply smoothen and enrich your skin quality making it glorious. Try this promising mask which would surely get you rid of dry and undernourished skin!

 Aloe Vera Gel Rose Oil Mask

5. Banana Avocado Oil Mask:

Avocado oil is a cool essential oil which is adequate enough to make the skin gorgeous. Prepare a skin care routine to make the skin feel soft and sooth with these amazing ingredients. Mix some banana crush, honey and avocado oil and prepare a paste. Apply this smooth and flawless ingredient which can make your skin supple and glossy. Daily massage the skin with this mask and repair your beautiful skin in no time.

Banana Avocado Oil Mask

6. Oatmeal Peppermint Oil Mask:

Oatmeal crush is an ingredient which is filled with minerals, protein, fibers, vitamins and nourishing ingredients which can transform your skin from dry to super smooth. Oatmeal can work as a quick and amazing option to repair your dried skin. Mix some oatmeal crush and peppermint oil and apply this cool paste o your skin. Peppermint oil would brig some nourishment and tinted fragrance on your face with a lavish glow! Try this cool mask and fall in love with your nourished skin.

Oatmeal Peppermint Oil Mask

7. Turmeric Lemon Essential Oil:

We have already used the cool turmeric powder lemon juice and honey mask for skin brightening and nourishing. But for deep conditioning the skin and making it flawless, you can use turmeric powder and lemon essential oil for making the skin super smooth. Turmeric powder is an amazing ingredient which can nourish the skin and lemon oil would revitalize your skin in no time!

Turmeric Lemon Essential Oil

8. Honey Yogurt Tea Tree Oil Mask:

Tea tree oil is not only an anti septic and anti bacterial oil but also it can be used in enriching the skin quality. Honey and yogurt would fight dry skin undernourished skin, damaged skin and make it beautifully conditioned. Mix these ingredients and apply this multi benefit mask on your face and fall in love with your adorable skin.


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