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8 Best Foods To Eat In Breakfast After Morning Run


Breakfast After Morning Run

Running in the morning is a habit of many people and they very well know that running is a challenging task to begin a day. But, people accepts this challenge with fun and excitement and run every morning because this habit of running keeps them refreshed and full of energy for entire day. For the people who love to run daily in the morning, it is very essential to consume a right diet after a run so that their body remains healthy and disease free forever. If you’re confused about choosing the right food after taking a long run in the morning then you must start consuming.

The Following Food Items In Your Diet So As To Maintain Your Fitness Level:

1. Breast Of Chicken:

Chicken breasts are very healthy for our body due to its richness in protein and other essential nutrients needed for the toned muscles. Chicken breasts contains very low amount of calories and must be consumed in breakfast along with brown rice. It is advisable for you to cook the chicken breasts with right spices before moving for morning run followed by warming it again after taking your run in a breakfast before eating so as to keep your satiated for a very long time. Consumption of chicken breasts after morning run is also very effective in reducing the risk of occurring arthritis in coming time.

 Breast Of Chicken

2. Salmon Fish:

Salmon fish is the largest selling fish in the world and emerges as a best alternative to seafood. Salmon fish is also an excellent source of protein, omega 3 fatty acids and other natural antioxidants which can easily recover your fats which are lost during morning run. You can intake salmon fillets with some boiled vegetables and a baked potato followed by adding small amount of olive oil to it so as to attain maximum health benefits from it. Salmon fish is also very beneficial in improving the brain function of its regular consumer.

Salmon Fish

3. Banana:

Banana is a very rich source of carbohydrate and works as a fueling agent in improving the stamina of runners. It is the best source of carbs which gives best result in building muscles and increasing weight if it is consumed with not fat milk and strawberries. You only needs to mix strawberries, non-fat milk and a banana in a blender and drinking the juice in your breakfast after taking a long morning run. Banana richness in carbohydrates, essential vitamins and minerals makes it a perfect endurance booster for runners and athletes.


4. Fruit Salad:

Salads made from sweet and juicy fruits like apples, oranges, grapefruit and blackberries are very beneficial in improving the stamina and maintaining fitness level of regular runner and athletes. You must include consumption of this healthy fruit salad in your breakfast as it will improve your endurance along with maintaining your blood pressure comfortably. The fibers and antioxidants present in healthy fruit salad also improves the heart health of its consumer.

Fruit Salad

5. Vegetables:

Consumption of green leafy vegetables which are rich in iron and vitamins are very healthy for the daily morning time runners as it gives strength to their body and build leaner muscles. Vegetables like spinach leaves, carrots can be intaken in form of sandwich during breakfast time along with an boiled egg to attain healthy and toned muscles. Other vegetables like celery can also be in-taken in breakfast if you’re suffering from high blood pressure issue.


6. Almonds:

Almonds are amazing antioxidants which are highly recommended by gym trainers for the gym goers as it has an ability to lower your body cholesterol to great extent. You must eat it daily in your breakfast with either cornflakes or milkshake so as to improve your endurance and body fitness.


7. Oatmeal:

Oatmeal is also very good for daily runners as it is extremely rich in fibers, protein and carbohydrates which will give your stomach fuller feeling early. If you hate the taste of oatmeal then you can easily make it delicious by adding any fruit of your choice. Oatmeal plays a vital role in reducing the high cholesterol level and improving blood pressure of its regular consumer.


8. Yogurt:

Yoghurt is also very healthy for all the runners as it contains very high amount of protein which will help in improving your body metabolism function and your brain function. You can consume Greek yoghurt with any fruit of your choice to add some delicious taste in your breakfast. You can also eat some almonds along with yoghurt in your breakfast so as to build lean muscles and boosting your endurance.


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