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8 Best Remedies For Malnutrition

8 Best Remedies For Malnutrition

When we take a poor diet that lacks in important nutrients, it leads to symptoms of malnutrition. The problem can occur due to not eating proper foods and failure in digesting the food we eat. The age of a person and type of living area are factors that affect the eating habits and nutrition requirements. The underdeveloped countries that lack food are the most common victims of malnutrition. The problem can affect people living in other areas also. When a person does not get nutritious food, there is weakness and lethargy in the body. The body organs do not get nutrients for proper functioning and the bones become very weak. Failure in treating this problem can lead to serious consequences. Thus, it is important to fight malnutrition. We will suggest some remedies for this problem.

Following Are The 8 Best Remedies For Malnutrition.

1. Eat Healthy Nutritious Foods

It is important to include nutritious foods in the diet that contains vitamins, protein, minerals and other essential nutrients required for a healthy life. Eat fruits, vegetables, nuts and cereals. Non-vegetarian people should eat omelets made of eggs [1].

healthy foods for the teens

2. Take Fortified Foods

When there is an unavailability of nutritious food due to any reason, it is beneficial to take fortified foods. These are foods in which the nutrients are added from outside to make them healthy and nutritious. Take fortified cereals and flour. Such foods contain vitamins and minerals so it can help overcome the nutritional deficiency [2].

Take Fortified Foods

3. Take Foods With Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are foods that give us energy for performing our daily works. Lack of carbohydrates in the diet causes weakness in the body. Thus, we need to eat foods that contain this essential element. The best food sources of carbohydrates are bread, cereal, legumes, whole grains and rice. Include these foods in your daily diet [3].


4. Take Dairy Foods

Calcium deficiency can be overcome by increasing the intake of foods that contain calcium. For this, you need to take dairy foods like milk and yogurt. Choose dairy foods that contain less amount of fat. Eat cheese. Drink skimmed milk and eat yogurt made with this milk. Apart from foods, you can also take a calcium supplement [4].

Take Dairy Foods

5. Eat Healthy Snacks

Apart from the three meals, we need to eat snacks in the midday and evening times. Instead of eating unhealthy and fatty snacks, choose healthy snacks like cheese and fruit smoothie. Snacks should have enough nutrients. You can also eat peanut butter as a snack.

Healthy Snacks

6. Take Iron Rich Foods

Anemia due to Iron deficiency is very common all over the world, especially among women. Taking Iron-rich foods help in fighting this problem. The best foods that contain this nutrient are soybean flour, apple, apricots, beans, prune, raisins, peach and other foods. Non-vegetarian people can get Iron by eating chicken liver, egg yolk, canned sardines, fried oyster, and pork [6].

Iron Rich Foods

7. Get Vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency is another major problem for many people. The best source of Vitamin D is sunlight. Sit outdoors in the sunlight for some time daily. Fatty fish and liver meat contain a lot of Vitamin D so include it in your diet. Vegetarian people should eat mushrooms [7].

Get Vitamin D

8. Eat Healthy Fats

Apart from the other nutrients, we need some amount of fat in our diet to stay healthy and avoid problems. The fat protects our organs internally from trauma, shock and damage. Also, fat is needed for the digestion of vitamins. Avoid foods with saturated fats and Trans fat. Instead of that, eat foods that contain unsaturated fats. The best foods with healthy unsaturated fats are olive oil, soybean oil, fish oils, peanut oils and other fats. Use these oils for cooking the daily food [8].

Eat Healthy Fats


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