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8 Diet Tips For Autoimmune Disease


When the immune system attacks the body cells, it is a disorder termed as an autoimmune disease. The main cause of this problem is that our immune system cannot make out any difference between the body proteins and the microorganism proteins. The autoimmune disease can cause thyroid, arthritis, psoriasis and other problems. Diet plays an important role in giving relief in this disease. The patient should avoid taking inflammatory foods. Making dietary changes helps in fighting the problem. We will give some diet tips for this problem.

Following Are The 8 Diet Tips For Autoimmune Disease.

1. Take A Plant Based Diet

Taking a plant diet helps in fighting thyroid problems and arthritis caused by autoimmune disease. It will help in reducing inflammation in the body by fighting intestinal flora. Take raw vegan foods. Include fibrous foods in the daily diet. Decrease the intake of saturated fats. Take foods with fewer calories. Include probiotic foods in your diet (1).

 Take A Plant Based Diet

2. Take Gluten Free Grains

It is found that gluten grains worsen the problems in autoimmune disease causing arthritis and thyroid problems. When the gluten from grains like wheat enters our blood, it damages the body tissues. Thus, you should eat non-gluten grains. Avoid wheat. The best option is to take ancient grains like buckwheat, millet, oats and wild rice. Besides this, you can take quinoa, sorghum, amaranth, Kamut and spelt (2).

Take Gluten Free Grains

3. Take Low Sugar Foods

Taking sugary foods can cause problems in autoimmune disease. Control or avoid the intake of foods that contain sugar. Avoid using artificial sweeteners like aspartame. It is harmful to take sugar alcohol so avoid using it. Avoid other sources of sugar like Barley malt, brown sugar, caramel and corn syrup. Take non-sugary foods. (3)

Take Low Sugar Foods

4. Avoid Soy Products

Taking soy foods is harmful for an autoimmune disease. Thus, avoid such foods. Do not eat tofu, miso, tempeh and other soy products. Other foods you should avoid taking are soy sauce, bean sprouts, and teriyaki sauce. (4)

Avoid Soy Products

5. Avoid Dairy Foods

Dairy foods are not good for autoimmune disease so avoid it. Do not take milk and foods mad with it. It is difficult for people with an autoimmune disease to digest the lactose in milk. Thus, avoid milk product for at least thirty days. After that, try taking milk and see it causes any problems for health. (5)

Avoid Dairy Foods

6. Take A Low Fat Diet

Eating fatty foods causes problems in the immune system and this worsens the autoimmune disease. Thus, you should take a low-fat diet consisting of foods that contain very less or no fat in it. Avoid all types of fatty foods and exclude them from your diet. Instead of taking foods with Trans fats, eat foods that have essential fatty acids. Walnuts, avocado, and other foods with monounsaturated foods are helpful in autoimmune disease. (6)

Take A Low Fat Diet

7. Take Foods With Vitamins And Minerals

Taking foods with nutrients like vitamins and minerals that heal the immune system and make it healthy helps in fighting autoimmune disease. For this, take nutrients like Vitamin A and D. Apart from this, take minerals like selenium and zinc. Foods with Vitamin A are red and yellow fruits and vegetables, milk, palm oil, eggs, fish liver and oil. For vitamin D, take egg yolk, fortified milk, fatty fish and fish oil. Get selenium by eating Brazil nuts. For zinc, eat cereals, legumes, millet flour and animal foods. (7)

Take Foods With Vitamins And Minerals

8. Take A Paleo Diet

Taking a Paleo diet is beneficial for people who have an autoimmune disease. The diet does not include lectin grains and legumes with saponin so it helps in fighting the disease. Vegetable oil, sugar, and dairy foods are not a part of this diet. Instead of that, the paleo diet includes foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts and non-vegetarian foods like eggs, meat, and fish. (8)

Take A Paleo Diet



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