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8 Diet Tips For Healthy Muscles

Muscles are an important part of our body that helps in doing physical movements like walking and running. People do exercises at the gym to build muscles. This is especially important for those who want to improve their physical fitness. Athletes and sportspersons also do exercises to develop muscles. If you can reduce the body fat, it will help in developing the body muscles. Apart from exercises, you can build muscles with the help of diet. Some foods improve muscles strength and fitness. Building muscles with food is an easy option. We will give some tips for this. Following are the 8 diet tips for healthy muscles

Here Are 8 Diet Tips For Healthy Muscles:

1. Eat Baked Potatoes

Include baked potatoes in your diet. It contains high amounts of complex carbohydrates, which help in replacing glycogen lost through hard exercises.[1] Baked potatoes help in supplying fuel to the tired muscles, which is important for muscle recovery. Two baked potatoes have sixty grams carbohydrates in it.

baked potatoes

2. Eat Pinto Beans

A protein-rich diet is important for building muscles. Include protein foods in your diet. Eat pinto beans, which are a rich source of protein. It contains potassium, which helps in stopping cramps that occur due to doing hard exercises. Three-fourth cups of cooked pinto beans contain 600 mg potassium.[2]

Eat Pinto Beans

3. Take High Calories Foods 

Our body needs more food at certain times of the day. Take more amounts of calories in the breakfast as the body needs food after fasting for the whole night. Also, take high calorie foods after doing exercises. The muscles are stressed and tired after a workout and it needs food to repair the muscles. [3]Thus, take food at the starting of the day and post workout.

Take High Calories Foods

4. Take Foods With Unsaturated Fats

Taking healthy fats helps in building muscles. Take foods with unsaturated fats. Such foods include olive oil, plant oils, nuts, nut oils, fish, and seafood. [4]These foods help the muscles in recovering from fatigue and damage after exercises. Unsaturated fats also decrease inflammation due to workouts.

Take Foods With Unsaturated Fats

5. Eat Iron Rich Foods 

Iron is an important nutrient that supplies oxygen to the body organs. Our body organs and tissues need a lot of oxygen for doing physical activities and exercises. Thus, it is beneficial to eat Iron rich foods. For this, you can eat vegetarian foods like spinach and other green leafy vegetables. [5]Take grains like quinoa. Dry fruits, raisins, legumes, lentils, soy beans, soy milk, tofu and herbs like sage also contain Iron. Non-vegetarian people can get Iron by eating tuna, dark chicken, halibut, tuna and steamed clams and oysters.

Eat Iron Rich Foods

6. Eat Flaxseeds, Hempseeds And Chia Seeds

Include seeds in your diet. Flaxseed contains protein and fatty acids. The seed helps in avoiding health problems like hypertension, liver problems, and depression. [6]Hemp seeds contain fatty acids and protein in the form of amino acids. Chia seeds are a rich source of fatty acids. Make oatmeal or shakes with it. Include all these seeds in your diet.

Eat Flaxseeds, Hempseeds and Chia Seeds

7. Control Carbohydrate Intake

Eat less amounts of foods with carbohydrates on days when you are not doing exercises. We need to eat carbohydrate foods when we are doing workouts as it gives us energy. [7]However, you should stop eating carbohydrates on non-training periods, as we don’t need much energy during this time.

Control Carbohydrate Intake

8. Eat Eggs And Fish

Non- vegetarian people can build muscles by eating eggs and fatty fish. Eggs contain high protein content. Most proteins in eggs are concentrated in the yolk portion so eat egg yolks. [8]Egg whites also contain protein. Eat wild salmon and other types of fatty fishes. Taking fish oil helps in decreasing joint inflammation.

Eat Eggs And Fish



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